Ancient Greek Man in Past Life

I did a past life regression hypnosis earlier so I could pick out one life theme that I seem to be living over and over again. I was compelled to do this because I stumbled upon Gigi Young’s latest blog post, entitled “Energy Update:Get Ready for Past Life Bleed Throughs!” She shared some random pieces of her past lives that she had just remembered recently, and it was a really beautiful post. Don’t get me wrong – she is not a spiritual guru that I idolize, but merely a kindred spirit who loves sharing spiritual stuff and her own spiritual adventures. Two years ago, I also tried doing a past life regression and I saw that I was a queen in the 1700s [link]. When I read my blog post about it again, things made sense to me. And that past life had large similarities with this past life that I am going to share now.

As I was urged by the voice in the hypnosis video to be in a safe place, I keep coming back to the same “paradise” which is a meadow with trees and some animals. I am not a nature lover or environmentalist in this life, but my soul just loves nature and I feel at peace on that meadow with trees. It was the same meadow that I see whenever I do other guided meditations. While I was there, I felt secure and loved, most especially because of a tree. I was hugging a tree and that particular tree was giving out love to me. The tree loves me so much.

Anyway, the past life that I saw was when I was a teenage Greek boy in the ancient times. I feel like the earth during that time had already gone a descension phase, since the atmosphere was very chaotic and confusing even though I was in a mountainous region. I saw myself wearing sandals, my legs were hairy and thin, I myself was a tall and lean man, and I was wearing some kind of a skirt and it seems as if I was half-naked. I had a short curly light brown hair. I didn’t know what I was doing there. But I was in a state of total confusion that I cried while seeing the past me. I felt his emotions and I just cried and cried. My house was a simple and humble abode, but I did not feel compelled to go there since I do not feel that there were people living there. I saw one dead person inside – my family members were probably all dead and I was the only living being in my family that’s why I was in a state of total confusion. No one was around, people were not running aimlessly, but there was something bad going on. My name was “Greim,” although I am not totally sure whether I got that right. Greim sounds German but the environment looks very Greek. Rocky and mountainous and hot.

During my thirties or forties I was married to an unattractive woman with a stoic expression. She does not seem to be loving or nurturing; but she was not an evil woman either. I do not feel like I loved her – I only had a sense of responsibility for her. Being married to her gave me a sense of security, as when I was younger I was really alone and sad and unloved. Fast forward to the time of my death, I did not see how I died. But I saw myself as an old man, looking sadly into the mountains. There was no wife or children around; I was all alone. No neighbors. It feels like I lived a solitary life. I might have been a hermit. The old man me was really lonely, but independent. He is not dependent on anyone as an old man, but there is definitely an aching sensation due to the lack of connection to other people.

During my past life as a queen in 1700s, I was also alone although there were many people around me. I felt like they were only around me because they needed something from me, or they wanted my power, but they did not love me. I have traitors around me. I died lonely. I also died lonely in my past life as a Greek man. In this current physical incarnation, I am a quiet girl who also loves being alone because I could easily sense fake people. Also, I feel the need to only connect with people who really understands me. In this life I do not have many friends, I do not have a real connection with my family (as though I was adopted), and I definitely do not get surrounded by people. If some would attempt to, I noticed that I am the one backing off or avoiding them, simply because I do not feel like I want them in my life. I do not really know what kind of lesson my higher self wants me to learn through this particular past life that I have been shown; but clearly, “loneliness” is one of the themes of my incarnations. I had to learn how to be comfortable with myself, be independent, and to connect well with other people. That Greek man really felt like me. To some extent I like isolation but it really makes me cry. I still don’t understand. 


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