A Note to Some Blog Readers

This blog entry is posted to clarify some things, and to avoid any misunderstandings on my part.

Some people that I know in real life tease me that they read my blog and some of them act as if I do something wrong (I know, I shouldn’t care) especially when I recount significant experiences in my life and they happen to know who the people involved are even though I make up fake names for them. I also feel teased when I get told that people know my secrets through this blog. First of all, they are not secrets anymore. I post it for the world to see because I feel comfortable knowing that I have my own platform where my thoughts are heard. I censor their true names because I don’t want to ruin other people’s reputation through this, and I only want to share my thoughts to a larger and *anonymous* audience in this way where people just go here and tinker whatever because not all people whom we talk to in person are interested in all of our ideas or whatever we have to say. Sometimes there are negative emotions involved like sadness and anger yet I still post those blog entries because good or bad, self-expression is still self-expression. I am limiting my rants but no one is in a perfect state of happiness and contentment all the time. And I am getting a little defensive here but this is my blog and I can post whatever thoughts I have – it’s up to you to judge or challenge my ideas or even my personality, but I still will respect your opinions. I know that this blog doesn’t really affect anyone’s life but for the people who think that what I do is wrong, I just want to say that I am still learning how to not care. Also, I personally think it is better to write things in our own perspectives, with raw emotions, rather than have overly-edited people-pleasing writings that eventually turn out to be bland and stripped off of the author’s personality. YOLO, we can’t please everyone. That is all, happy reading! :)


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