Pink Aura

So far I’ve been fairly calm this August despite the pressures of academic life. College is still hard, but 2015 definitely has some strange anxious energy that makes everyone go mad. It was so tough for me. I was all alone (literally) and some teachers bully me. Most former friends have also shown their true sides and kind of betrayed me. I have been portrayed as a bitch; basically someone Lilith-like. 2016 has a different kind of energy. Last semester, things got pretty stable and I can say that the first half of the year was definitely a purging period, since I have officially gotten rid of the people who are not beneficial (a.k.a. toxic) to me anymore after that semester. Today, I am in a different place – a cleaner, quieter, and more affectionate place. Perhaps I have changed too, since people treat me slightly differently now. Of course there are still cruel people in this world, but I have found people who treat me dearly even though we are not close. The people who are gossipmongers, manipulative, abusive, and pessimistic are out of my sight now. Plus, no more catcalls.

I have been thinking that I have changed for the past three years. 2013 was a very good year for me, because people thought I was beautiful (but didn’t for the years preceding it) and I have experienced having lots of friends and admirers for the first time. It was a good year socially, but I think I have grown spiritually from 2014 onwards because of having discovered the New Age. It is not a religion, although some spiritual teachers are abusing the new movement into misleading everyone and making their own cult. I really think that I have matured for the past three years. It shows in my face, movements, and personality. Sometimes I think it may just be because of having my moon progress into the sign of Taurus, but perhaps it is mostly because of the hard challenges that I have faced for the past three years. I was all alone. The universe forced me to be alone to combat with my dependent nature. I cannot do things on my own before – but now nobody does all the things for me. I am mostly in charge of my life now.

Therefore, because I thought I have changed a lot and I worry that my attractiveness may have gone into oblivion too, I asked my psychic about the colors of my aura. I have read somewhere that they do change overtime depending on your personal growth and depending on your mood. The same psychic told me in 2014 that my aura was bluish red, which signifies creative energy (blue) and full of energy (red). During that time, I had my progressed moon in Aries so it was interesting that I had a dominant red in my aura. Anyway, this was his answer regarding my present aura color:

My aura is PINK! He said that it turns red when I get angry, which may be the case for all, but I believe that the color red is already inherent in my being because I really feel RED when I am angry ever since I was little. I may attribute it to my Mars in Scorpio, but even though people may see me as soft or something, I really feel powerful inside. And that power is either attracting or repelling, just like people with red color auras. When my aura was still red, I found that people were either totally attracted or totally disliking me. It was always either of the extremes. My temper back then was scorching hot, and I always had female enemies. However, right now it feels like everything turned mellow – I’ve developed compassion for people and I am not as attention-seeking as before. Red, for me, is a very dense color that may represent an egoistic individual. Whereas I thought of everyone as separate or different from me before, right now I could think of how everyone is just like me. Except for people who are really bad, I could see the good things in most people. And how they struggle in life just like me.

My psychic told me that pink represents my loving and compassionate nature, but I still googled what a pink aura means so I could see more definitions in different perspectives. A person with pink aura is loving and giving by nature. They love to be loved in return, for they are soft and romantic people who lean on the gentler and nicer side of life. They are selfless people who will go and help people even at their expense. They are highly sensitive to the needs of other people. Some sites say that people with pink auras have strong psychic abilities. I kind of doubt it, because I am not clairvoyant or whatever. I do not even know who my spirit guides are. However, I dream a lot. I do not know what they mean but I get a little idea about their meanings. Most of my dreams are prophetic and some reveals secrets that people do not really say to me. I am not clairaudient either, but I always hear ringing in my ears, which, according to some spiritual teachers, are indicators that there is a high-frequency spirit near you. However, I can say that I am a little bit of a claircognizant, since whenever I want answers to my questions, wise things just pop up in my mind. Those things can be easily mistaken to be my own thoughts, but they may really be just divine guidance from the universe or from my spirit guides. Anyway I believe that my grandmother (my father’s mother) is one of my spirit guides.

People with pink auras have great imaginations, and they can make great artists. And yes, I do lean on the artistic side. It is where I am comfortable. Perhaps it is because of my Mercury in Libra in the 1st house and my Sun and North Node in Libra in the 2nd house. Websites say that people with pink auras have achieved a perfect balance between the spiritual and the material existence. Most of them say that pink auras are very rare in Earth though. And that’s what makes me feel special aside from the fact that pink is my favorite color! Pink is always associated with love, and vibrates at the same frequency as green, because it represents the heart chakra. From what I understand, people with pink auras have very open hearts and they often feel love and joy and magic as a result. I felt very happy knowing this because all my life, I have always followed my heart and defending it from people. People say that thinking is for the mind but I just feel deep inside that it is wrong. I kind of knew that love was my true nature and I feel happier in loving other people than loving only myself. People with pink auras are also said to radiate gentle and loving energy to everyone they come in contact with. They can uplift and heal people just by their glances, smiles, and kind words. They remind everyone that there is still gentleness and love left in the Earth despite the countless wars and horrible things happening around the planet.

Knowing that I have a pink aura is very rewarding. To all the people who said that I must be strong and I should stop being soft and sensitive, obviously I did not heed your discouragement. And to all the people who believed that I was strong deep inside, and that I must not stop being soft, thank you. This is all because of the external challenges that made me grow inside and the spiritual insights shared by some spiritual teachers or intuitives on Youtube with the same kind of energy. No wonder people just treat me kindly like a dear child nowadays. Our external reality really reflects our internal reality. Namaste!



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