Moon in Capricorn

This is from the perspective of someone with a Moon in Cancer.

Being a Moon in Cancer, I attract people with Moon in Capricorn in my life – and they are often very close to me. They are generally good people, but they have their bad sides too that get into my nerves especially because our moon signs are opposite signs. Moon in Capricorns often have little ability to empathize. It’s like all they care about are their goals and the “important” things in life that they do not have time for “trivial” things like emotions. They are repressive, and they hate it when people cry or get angry. Of course they do cry and get angry too, but they just can’t empathize very easily with people who are sensitive, especially those who are expressive with their emotions.

Being a Moon in Cancer, of course it pisses me the fuck off. I had an ex-boyfriend who had a Moon in Capricorn and he was almost too selfish because he could only see the things that are important to him but then he fails to see the needs of others around him. They hate being aggravated by other people but then they kind of deny it when they step on other people. Almost all Moon in Capricorns that I knew have always told me to “stop” whenever I cry or I get angry. As a Moon in Cancer, I just can’t do it. We have big emotional centers that just get flooded with all kinds of emotion, good or bad. When we’re happy, we’re very happy. When we’re sad, we’re very sad. That’s how Moon in Cancers are. Therefore, telling us to “stop” feeling something is just impossible. When I feel negative emotions around those with a Moon in Capricorn, I get nagged instead of being sympathized with. And that only makes matters worse for the Moon in Cancer. The negative emotion just worsens because someone around them tells them that it is “wrong” to feel negative emotions and that they are so stupid to not control it.

Moon in Capricorns are so hard on the inside – but they still feel emotions of course. What I mean is that either they can be ice queens or they can just be emotionally strong in the face of suffering. And that is a good thing. Suppressing negative emotions – which is what Moon in Capricorns do – is bad, but what’s good about it is that they rarely drown in victim mode. Moon in Cancers look externally to find stability, hence the addiction to relationships; but Moon in Capricorns do not easily fall in love. They are not in a rush in love, and they don’t care about being single for a long time. Once I told a Moon in Capricorn that I want to have my next boyfriend because I have been single for already half a year. And the response I got was, “For what? Is it that important?” Being different is not an issue, honestly, but being close-minded regarding differences is. Like what I have said earlier, I have noticed that Moon in Capricorns have little ability to empathize or tolerate people that are different from them.

However, these two moon signs tend to attract each other because they have to balance out their negative sides. Moon in Cancers get attracted to Moon in Capricorns because they want their strength and stability. They are also rational and practical, which can help Moon in Cancers be a bit rational too and not get too caught up in their waters. Moon in Capricorns, however, need to learn from Moon in Cancers that feeling emotions is normal and okay. It is okay to feel. It is okay to cry. It is not embarrassing. It is human nature. They also have to learn how to express emotions because it is a part of being human and to empathize with other people because some people are not as robotic as them. People around them may be more sensitive than they realize. And that is all that I have to say about Moon in Capricorn.


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