Getting Away from Creepy Stalker (Dream)

I had a very weird dream. My dream was long and has many parts but I only remember one. Someone was so obsessed with me and I don’t remember where I met him. Every time he sees me in person, I avoid him because he is not my type but I am obviously his type. He’s just so disgusting; we’re pretty much not in the same level that’s why I am not attracted to him but he’s turned into a stalker who would text me all the time until I have blocked his number. When he could not contact me anymore, he started texting all of my friends about me. And then they would all tell me about it which results in me freaking out. I knew he was just in the corner, probably watching. Or tracing where I go and doing whatever he could do to spy on me. And so, out of desperation I went to my ex-boyfriend O (not the latest ex but my boyfriend of 1.5 years) and asked him to take me again. I wanted us to be together again not because I still love him but to shoo my stalker away. There was no love left between us so I knew that it was impossible. Nevertheless, I started kissing him. It was a long, passionate kiss that made the people around us stare. Even after the kiss, people stared as if we did something wrong. This tactic did not work; because shortly after that, my stalker appeared to me again and started physically chasing me. He was really really disgusting although some people might not see him that way. I just hate the feeling of having someone I do not like continually obsess with me and try to make me his. It makes me puke.

UPDATE: (13 Aug 2016)

I really did block someone's number yesterday. I met that guy at the airport and he was trying to be charming and all, but he was not my type. I may have liked him if he had a good intention but I was feeling that something's really strange at that time. And the fact that he was so aggressive made me think that he was a playboy with a low self-esteem. Also, he was a liar - he was saying so much nonsense just to impress me or to make me think that we are on the same level. Then he started texting me after three weeks, saying that he doesn't remember where he met me and yet he called me by my name. What a liar. Style mo bulok. He couldn't even remember correct facts about me and that insulted me. I felt like he was treating me like a booty call. Sorry fuckboy, but I don't smell good intentions from you. And you're not even cute. He was so stubborn and sloppy; he won't tell who he is. He just told me that he was Roy when I told him that I was about to block his number. What a stupid immature man. Jejemon. A guy who really likes you and has pure intentions would introduce himself politely. He was an asshole. I felt like he wanted to get intimate right away because he wanted us to be seatmates on the plane and he offered me a ride. Luckily I refused. Douchebags are really all over the place. Or "scrubs" (TLC's song). 


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