First Encounters with My Extraterrestrial Guides

I was really curious about spirit guides but just a bit about aliens, and so I tried out a guided meditation for meeting our ET spiritual guides made by Gigi Young [download]. Since I don’t have an open third eye chakra and I haven’t had spiritual encounters yet (including ghosts), I tried seeing if a guided meditation would work for me. I did one a year ago; it was about spirit animals. Through that meditation, I found out that my spirit animal was a jaguar. I personally thought that it was accurate because the descriptions for the people who have it as their spirit animal was true for me. I knew it was a jaguar not because I saw it, but because I felt its sleek movement and I searched about it afterwards. All I knew was that it moved like a panther but it had an orangey fur like a tiger. Clairvoyance really is not my greatest strength. xD

Last night, I tried Gigi Young’s First Contact Meditation to connect with our spirit ET guides. It got me all teary-eyed; I felt like I have some alien connections who are waiting for me and are looking out for me. I could not make out their faces but I knew that I had ET friends whom I do not know in this lifetime. When I entered a wooden door with pink streaks in my imagination and went up the elevator, I connected with a being with a long wavy blonde hair. It had a thin crown on its forehead; I was suddenly reminded of Galadriel in The Lord of the Rings. I think it was a long and slender creature. It was pale-skinned although I cannot really see its facial features. I kind of doubted about what I connected with because it seems like a human or an elf. And I did not receive any messages from it. After the meditation, I found out that it was a Nordic Alien.

Earlier during noon, I meditated again because I found myself irritated at the world. Perhaps I was just hungry and tired, but I just wanted to disconnect from here and seek guidance from the etheric world. I meditated again and I entered a white wooden door. I saw someone very tall, a centaur-like creature with blue skin. I did not exactly see it; I just knew. The features of the extraterrestrials I come in contact with just show up one by one. It felt like I was imagining things but I could not have imagined those in my waking life. There would be too much doubts and I would just be frustrated with myself. Anyway, I still haven’t got any messages from the second ET guide. Perhaps I wasn’t ready yet. The two of them just felt very distant. When I awoke from my meditative state, I immediately googled what kind of alien the second one was. It turns out that it was an Andalite. I am still unsure if Andalites are fictional since it is not one of the most famous ETs like the Pleiadians, Sirians, Andromedans, Greys, Reptilians, and Arcturians. Still, I believe that I saw a legit extraterrestrial being. 

These are just baby steps; I am sure that I will be actually connecting with them and communicating. Perhaps my vibration was just not high enough to actually connect with them. For now I am just glad that the internet affirmed that the beings I saw in my meditations so far are real, especially the Nordic Aliens. I will be updating you right away after another encounter. Namaste! 


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