Dream about My Crush

I had a dream last night about a crush that would never ever be mine. I was with him and another female friend that I probably don’t know in my waking life; and we were sitting together, talking and just bonding with each other. But I had a crush on this guy named Ellis (not his true name) who perhaps only sees me as a friend, sister, or kababayan. Lots of girls also like him, or obsesses over him, so it would be pretty pointless to even dream about being with him. When people would leave the two of us for a little while in my dream, we would talk privately and playfully kiss each other’s cheeks. I would make it obvious that I like him and he wouldn’t mind. But he was a busy guy like he was some kind of a celebrity. When he was told that he should get ready because tomorrow was the only time girls could get an autograph of him, I privately told him that maybe I can also get his autograph after he’s finished all of the other girls’. However, he playfully told me that he wouldn’t, because it’s pointless when we’re already being sweet to each other everyday. I have forgotten how the dream ended – but all I know was that even when we were not officially in a relationship in my dream, I knew that his heart was completely mine. I was really assured of it. Now that I’m awake I cannot make sense of the dream because I wasn’t thinking of that person and the dream was completely impossible because we’re not even that close to be with each other always. 


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