Suitors Are Like Books (Poem)

Books are like

They just sit there
On your bookshelf
Waiting for you to notice
Or use them
In any way you desire.

But some books
Have such handsome covers
That make you want to taste them open
Right away.

In times of loneliness,
Of boredom or despair,
A book is our quick
Pill to health –
Just as romance seems
To be the crayons
Of our gray-scale world.

Some books are so yummy
They can sweep you away
With its first uttered sentence;
Keeping you engrossed
Until the last page
When you have to forget it
In a dusty corner.

Some books are dull,
Purposeless, without ambition,
Trying hard to please you
Through rhymes, enjambments
And other empty words
So you “endure” and give it a chance
But it just is a piece of crap
That has a hypocritical cover
Intended to impress you,
But has no substance to nourish you.

But some books
Are our lifetime favorites
That we read from time to time.
They just have something
That touches the heart,
And embraces you
When you drop a tear.
And so we look for these types of suitors –
That may be paperbound, hardbound,
or torn
But they surely have that something
That is soulful, beautiful, 
and definitely not stupid. 


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