Old Friends and Another Man (Dream)

It seems like I am always asleep for literally a half day when I’m on vacation from school and I spend all those wasted time dreaming about strange stuff. Last night, I dreamt about many things but I will only tell what I remember. I was with an unknown friend and we were talking about how we were not religious and eventually he/she dared me to go to the church just for spite. We went there, and there seems to be a bible study or something for teens or for people around my age. They took turns in teaching each other stuff. One girl there was particularly kind to me, and she did not suspect that I was a malicious outsider to their religious group. And then, one guy around my age went in front of us to talk about God's grace in his life. I started getting sleepy, perhaps because I wasn’t interested at all in what they are talking about – but when I forced myself to wake up, lifting my drooping head and accidentally flipping my hair, the young man having a speech in front of us was shocked. I could see from his eyes that he was enamored with me, and I felt very beautiful in my dream, because that young man (whom I don’t know in real life) is fairly handsome too, although I was a bit cautious because I don’t know all about him. I don’t want to be involved and be stuck with a loser, you know.

After that, he followed me and said all sorts of things to make me agree to go out with him. And so we did. I think we ate somewhere, and then we parted. But he was really smitten with me, and I liked that feeling although I was not sure whether I also like him because I still haven’t stalked him regarding his background and real personality. But nonetheless, I really liked the feeling of having someone desire me so much, especially when they make it obvious. After we parted, I journeyed on my own, and I liked it. I had no problems taking my path alone (perhaps both literally and figuratively). I went to my school and saw my old friends there. They were my classmates in my dream. I dreamed of my dear friend, Patrick, and I greeted him for graduating as Magna Cum Laude in the University of the Philippines. His mother hugged me too – and that was strange because I thought they were so distant from me. Old acquaintances that I haven’t spoken to were very friendly to me in my dream. While I was in the classroom, waiting for our teacher, a girl asked me who my best friend was. Of course it was Angel, I thought. I knew that she was expecting me to become her best friend. I hesitated. My admirer from the church was also in the classroom, and he made me excited because the thought of a new romance excites me. His friend saw me too and he was equally enamored with me although he wasn’t saying anything.

That’s the end of the dream. Another man, huh? I wonder when I will have my next boyfriend… Anyway, men from my past are contacting me these days asking me whether I am still angry with them. I am not, because I do not care about them one bit, but it’s better to pretend that I am angry with them than have them annoy me as they persist to be in my life again. Oh no, I won’t let them take advantage of my sweetness again. I want a new lover so bad!


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