Gotten Pregnant by an Ex (Dream)

Dreams are vague, and it’s hard to make a properly chronological storyline because things just don’t connect at all or make sense. Boys are flirting with me in my dream, and I do not know the reason why and I do not why how they found where I am. It was K and J, two friends whom I encountered before and both of them flirted with me in real life. K liked me before but I always made him know that I did not like him back through my obvious actions although I wasn’t rude to him in speech. I liked J before because he really had a handsome face, and I later on found out that he had a Taurus rising. It’s unfair how Taurean people are always blessed with beauty! Librans do not necessarily have obvious physical beauty like Taureans do, but they almost “represent” beauty, they are obsessed with beauty, and they are beauty personified. The greatest blessing Venus bestowed Librans is charm, with or without beauty.

In my dream, K was joking with me while J was already sexually flirting with me. Suddenly I found myself screaming because he was almost already raping me. He undressed me and all that, but nobody heard me. After that, he stayed with me even though he did something to me. He was just chillin’ beside me, talking to me about everything under the sun, as if we were close friends. I mean, in real life we were, but I cut ties with him because he was already close to emotionally damaging me without being accountable for it (I’m not shallow for doing that, it’s a long story and if you knew the story you’d say that it’s the right thing to do). Anyway, back to my dream, I found out that I was pregnant – and we were sure as hell that J was the father of the baby. As far as I remember, I dislike him so much, but we were in good terms in my dream. I was actually glad that the father of my baby is a handsome man because the attractiveness of the baby was thus already secured.

And because gossip is easily spread by the wind who hears everything, people came to me one by one and asked, “Buntis ka? (Are you pregnant?)” Immediately and proudly I said yes to all of them, while rubbing my tummy. I was really so happy that J was the father of my baby, because I love to stare at his handsomeness. He was also proud that I was pregnant with him in the dream. The only problem was that he did not love me, and I did not love him too, but there was an attraction between us. And yet even attraction is worthless if love is not present, especially now that I was pregnant in the dream, but I was thinking that maybe he would learn to take care of me because I was the mother of his child. I don’t know what this dream means; perhaps I would just be extra careful of not impregnating myself especially if I am not engaged or something. Namaste J


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