Drugs and an Overprotective Father (Dreams)

Two nights ago, I had a very disturbing dream. I guess it was kind of a nightmare. I saw someone, someone I knew (only in the dream but not in real life), who was just doing a lot of drugs. He/she saw me looking at him/her but I just walked past that person because I didn’t want to do anything with drugs. Then I kind of had a boyfriend in that dream and he seemed untrustworthy but I was in love with him nonetheless. And because I was associated with that guy, he introduced me to some people in his life and I eventually found myself in a dangerous situation because they were luring me in any way they can to take in drugs. I have forgotten the little details but basically, I was trying to escape them but they really got a strong hold on me. I was close to taking in the drugs that I really didn’t want to take and then the dream ended.

Last night, I dreamt that I was in Hawaii with my boyfriend. My boyfriend during that dream was Sundae, but even that dream was telling me that he only likes me sexually and nothing more. He just pretends to love me in exchange for my sexuality. But out of the blue, my father texted me and he was angry. He said, “Kahit nasa Hawaii ka pa, pupuntahan kita! Paano kung magkaroon ka pa ng maraming Sundae? Ha?” What he meant is that he would fly from the Philippines to Hawaii because he was afraid that I’d have too many boyfriends there and he was too far away to protect me. I was pissed off in my dream because I was enjoying having a boyfriend but scared at the same time because he did come to me in my dream, angry. 

I don’t know what’s happening in my subconscious or in the spiritual realm, but maybe I will really be offered drugs in the future. Huhuhu. Anyway, my dreams still have that “boyfriend” theme, and I’m getting impatient since I still don’t have any suitor right now. I know it’s not pretty to see a girl getting desperate over romantic matters, but I’m craving a love interest so badly right now because my own family members are damaging my heart. Anyway, I dreamt about my father right after I had an intense fight with my mother. I guess the dream only confirms that he cares so much about me, and the dream showed the anger that he tries to hide whenever I have a boyfriend. Perhaps the dream was only an affirmation that he is always there to protect me, and I just happen to associate his protectiveness of me only when it comes to having boyfriends. I’m not exactly sure if that's the case, but let’s see what happens in the future. ;)


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