Perks of Being Single

Ever since I was a little girl, I have already dreamt of having a boyfriend. In my little girl fantasies, I imagine myself to be a curvy (thin but big-boobed) and long-haired girl who’s about twenty, usually beside a handsome man who’s slightly taller. When I was four, I already developed a crush on a sixth-grader in my school and on Leonardo DiCaprio. And throughout grade school, I’ve enjoyed having admirers and having an unofficial “boyfriend” (that lasted for two months) and I had my first (unrequited) love when I was eleven. When I was thirteen, I started trying having (not serious) boyfriends through text messages. It was really a thrilling experience for me. Then I started having serious boyfriends when I was fifteen – although they were clearly the wrong men and I did not love them that much.

People have different opinions about me. I doubt someone actually knows who I really am inside. Some people think that I am a hopeless romantic who can be easily destroyed by love. Some people think that I am a playgirl and I cannot be monogamous. While some people think that my love life is barren. None of those are actually true. And those opinions do not matter anyway. What’s true is that I easily fall in love and I am constantly in search for my prince. Because of that, I have accumulated several men in my life and that made some people think that I am a playgirl. I easily fall for the idea of falling in love, and not for the men themselves. I just love having a masculine being who loves taking care of me. Most of my exes have only taken me for granted because I had a low self-esteem back then. But after I have recovered from that, I became the one who takes for granted my boyfriends. I just seem to attract assholes who are either spawns of Satan or unambitious and not struggling to get a good future for themselves. And because of my crazy teenage years, I have learned that my main motive in getting a boyfriend is to gain confidence regarding my attractiveness – that is why I only attract the wrong guys.

Anyway, these are the perks of being single in my opinion:

More time for friends.

Some girls immediately go to boyfriend island and just forget other aspects of their lives. I am that kind of girl when I am in a relationship. I become so smitten and delusional that I don’t feel regret when my friends have fun without me. And now that I am single and I can definitely feel that I am really alone when I am alone, I feel the need for friendship more than ever. I appreciate them more because my focus on them is now undivided. Most of the time, when I have a boyfriend, I feel insecure regarding my friendships. I don’t know why, I just do. Anyway, now that I am single, I’ve become more aware and appreciative of the permanence and loving nature of friendship between women.

More time for yourself.

Now that you’re single, no handsome prince is going to pester you in the middle of your meditations, Wiccan rituals, or oil baths. You can have all your time for yourself. You can take care of yourself now better than your asshole ex-boyfriend. There is more time for reflections, self-actualization, reading books, learning stuff, studying, etc. And no one is going to be mad for spending all that time in loving yourself. No guy is now going to demand to give them the time that you are supposed to give to yourself.

Undivided focus on career and ambitions.

Instead of having all those dreams of having babies with your man and expecting him to be rich so he can support you, being single for now can make you focus on your own career and wealth, and the path that you are going to take in life. While waiting for the right man in your life (which may really take a while), you can hone your skills, learn new skills, learn new stuff, gain more experiences, and take on different jobs. It’s time to teach ourselves to be independent women.

Less headaches and heartaches.

Let’s be honest here. Being in a relationship makes us happy sometimes – but for the most part, there are a lot of fights, sacrifices, fixing the other person, and discovering shadow sides of one another. Sometimes, a lot of the bad things that happen in the relationship cannot already justify the attraction that you feel or have felt for one another. Relationships give us negative baggage that could affect our work, school, or family. Being free from a relationship for quite some time can really save us from an intense amount of pain.

We have different kinds of romantic relationships for every stage in our lives; and it is said that they mirror our own relationship with ourselves. Therefore, we must develop a good relationship with ourselves first and foremost, before anything. Take care of yourself, have a good hygiene, buy yourself what you need and everything, and do your life purpose. Align with it. Be who you truly are; be who you are meant to be in this lifetime. Do that favor for yourself and the right relationship will just come effortlessly as it resonates with your improved vibration. Love comes naturally after you’ve paid enough attention to yourself; we don’t really have to work and search for it over seven seas. However, if you remain where you are, and search desperately for the one, you will just attract the same crappy relationships over and over again. Like me. I jump from man to man and it just left me feeling shitty and exhausted. I am single for four months now and it feels like four years. I really hate being single. I’m a Libra and I’m all about relationships! I still literally dream of the right guy for me, and I am impatiently waiting for him, but let’s see. Let’s see what we would eventually attract. In the meantime, let us enjoy being single for now and eventually the universe will bestow us the right relationship for us. 


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