My 2nd Liver Flush of the Year!

I just finished my second liver flush for 2016, and I am not feeling very good. Last night, I drank a mixture of orange juice and olive oil and I felt the oil mixture shooting back into my stomach even before I have slept. I have now mastered the art of oil drinking that I did not leave much oil in my glass last night; but I spent a miserable day after that. When my mother woke me up at 8:00 a.m. before my parents went to their office, I felt nauseous and I needed to vomit. I ran into the restroom and vomited a bit of the oil mixture. My nose hurt a lot, especially my left nostril! I had a morning cold and my nose just got irritated by bile I guess, or my stomach acid. I also felt the immediate need to poop; and I had a soft yellow stool with no stones in it yet. Or maybe the stones were inside the tools. My stools right after I woke up were not yet watery. I went to bed again, miserable as my nose was hurting and my throat was flaming, hoping that I would get well when I get up a few hours later.

I woke up again at 10:00 a.m. My sister offered me soup. When I ate it, it tasted different. It tasted like a jackfruit. However, my sister said that she tasted the soup too but nothing was wrong; so I assumed that my taste buds did not function very well because I wasn’t feeling very well. We cooked our vegan fried rice together and as I ate half a raw carrot while chopping the ingredients, it tasted bitter instead of sweet! And I usually get happy after I cook fried rice and I could finish it alone, but I didn’t have a very good appetite earlier. I sort of forced myself to eat rice and vegetables. My lower tummy is hurting from then until now. I just hated this day. I don’t have that energy that I should have because of making my liver cleaner and lighter and healthier.

I pooped little green stones of cholesterol four times in the restroom. It was always diarrhea, or watery, and you might think it was easy to release the toxic poop but it was not! I was always sweating profusely the whole time. The toxicity of the stones and any other liver excretion made me feel extreme fatigue during and after my defecations. After I took a bath in the afternoon, I felt really drowsy and tired so I slept. It was already almost 7:00 p.m. when I woke up. I cannot do the dishes and the laundry because I wasn’t really feeling very well. For the whole night I was just complaining about my fatigue and lost appetite, but I was also happy that I have passed hundreds of stones. At least I know that my liver is now lighter.

I think this is my 10th or 12th flush. I am not really sure. I started last year from January until July, and stopped from there, not knowing whether my liver was already really clean. I just became tired of the liver flush sessions and the nastiness of swallowing a huge amount of oil and feeling nauseous during the whole process. I should have been disciplined enough to continue the liver flushes until the end because I became ill for the whole month of July 2015. And the reason why I tried liver flushing again in May 2016 was because of my acne. I knew that besides college stress, my liver was clogged and not functioning properly so I get all of these angry outbursts in my face especially near the time of my menstruation. And, well, the main reason why I got into this was really because I wanted to clear my face. But now that I am a vegan, and I now understand what a critical issue our physical health is, I am doing liver flushes now for the sake of feeling lighter, happier, and healthier. Namaste my fellow earthlings, good luck to our quest for perfect health. J

UPDATE: My stools are still yellow, and it started during my liver flush session. Having yellow stools means not enough or the lack of bile. So, my yellow poop probably means that my bile duct is clogged by a bigger stone that failed to get flushed. I guess I’ll impatiently wait for my next liver flush next month, poor me. :(


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