Friends and Career

Despite saying that I would not go out with my friends, I ended up being with them tonight because they called me and begged me to go. That’s just what I want I guess, little reassurances that I am still important. I know that I am not that special for them, but I am still a part of their group and it feels more complete when I am there. And so, I went with them without any expectations. When my moon was still transiting in Aries, I got all their attention and I was always the star of the gatherings. But now that my moon has transited in Taurus, I feel more comfortable blending in and listening to them and just laughing and chilling.

When I was with them, I felt a very noticeable change. We’ve all changed, as we have grown up and reached our twenties, and our priorities have shifted too. Most of my friends have already graduated college and already got jobs. Only five of us remained undergraduates and we definitely feel the pressure and need to get our own jobs and start our careers. They asked me if I would be a college professor and I said yes, but that I would practice teaching first in junior high school. Their faces lightened up and they approved of my plans that are still subject to changes. I thought people thought lowly of teachers, but I guess I was wrong. And yet, I still doubt that teaching would be my permanent job. Perhaps I’d have lots of jobs, or I’d pursue the arts too. Maybe creative writing or acting. I haven’t told anyone but I’d love to try out acting. I want to do the things that are uncommon, and not pursued by conformists. I don’t want to live a boring life. It would kill me, I promise.

We exchanged some juicy gossips about people for a little while, but our opinions have generally changed. We were so judgmental and close-minded before, but now we can see the bigger picture. We still judge some people, but not so much as before. We have matured in our viewpoints as we have spent a few hours discussing career and politics. We are not shallow high school girls anymore! And after spending time with them earlier, I realized that it’s not really necessary for me to burn bridges with them. They are nice people; just not as clingy-close as I’d like to be. We all have chosen different paths for ourselves, so it’s just natural to feel a bit distant. We have grown apart, yes, but luckily we still have some similarities and happy memories shared together. 


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