Dreaming about Men

I honestly do not want to sound slutty, you know, but lately the theme of my dreams is a man. Or men. There isn’t one particular man that shows up in my dreams; instead, those that show up are my previous crushes – A, E, M, and J. I’ve liked them long ago and there is no reason for me to flirt with them again or whatever, since we have moved on with our lives and we had our own lovers, but my dreams with these men are always filled with romantic feelings and happiness. In my dreams with them, they always show interest in me, and I always feel kilig. My dreams always have circumstances that show courtship. Just last night, I dreamt that I was with A and we were holding hands while quickly finding our way back home. We encountered some people, including his present girlfriend, who was very hostile with me in my dream. I didn’t even like A in my dream but he likes me a lot there. The next part of my dream is in our house. We had lots of visitors, including my first love, J. We found each other and had a conversation about how different we have become. He was really big and tall in my dream. Meanwhile, while we were loving each other’s company in my dream, the father of my ex-boyfriend was badmouthing me. I thought, oh well, he’s just feeling bitter that I don’t like his son anymore. And that’s basically it. I just find it weird that I am having romantic dreams in a row. Do I feel the lack of love in my life? Do I feel abundant in love? Is it the main thing I desire? Or, more importantly, is having romantic relationships my soul purpose in this current incarnation?

I’ve searched a few dream dictionaries on the internet and I have picked some things that resonated with me:
If you are female and you dream about a man, he may be a result of your desire to be in a loving relationship and may be representing your “ideal” man or “Mr. Right.”
He may be representing your Animus, the masculine aspects of your psyche.
Dream experts denote that men who appear in the dreams of women have an erotic significance in most of cases. A more recent European interpretation of this dream indicates that seeing a man is a good sign, as it provides security and strength to the woman that had the dream, and therefore she will know how to fight and to fulfill her desires.

I am not a dream expert, but I thought that maybe I am the best person to interpret my own dreams. Perhaps my dreams denote that I really desire a romantic relationship right now, and my dreams only used the personas of my previous crushes in order to indicate the romantic nature of my desires because I wanted to have relationships with them before. They may not really be the candidates to be my next boyfriend, but my dreams may mean that the person that I will be having my next relationship with is someone who I really like and desire. My last four boyfriends were the ones who desired me really bad (and not the other way around), and I only agreed to have a relationship with them because they were enamored with me. I wanted to feel secure and I don’t want to be the one chasing the man so I picked them. In the end, those relationships turned out to be miserable because I didn’t really like them deep inside. I know, I know, I may look bad right now but I am just a victim of the society’s expectations on girls. I can’t just chase whoever I like because I am a female! People look down on women like that, you know. Maybe my recent dreams about men are just indicative of my desire to have a boyfriend right now, but I’d like to believe that they’re omens that someone really awesome and handsome will offer himself to be my next boyfriend.



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