Babies and Happiness (Dream)

Last night, I had a dream. And I didn’t expect what happened to me there. Perhaps it was my subconscious working and revealing the parts of myself that I didn’t even know. I had a baby in my dream, but I did not give birth. I was just given an immediate responsibility to take care of a fragile baby girl. I vaguely remember it but I guess the baby was from my sister who had an unwanted pregnancy in my dream. I also cannot process logically (now that I’m awake) why I accepted the responsibility of taking care of a baby girl that I did not give birth to, and why I was so happy as if it was my own child. The baby was barely one year old, but I could talk to her in my dream. Of course it was telepathic. I was always carrying her around, giving her milk to drink, etc. I was really careful of her. One night, in my dream, there was no electricity – and my bed was so full of stuff like books, laptop, big pillows, etc. I wanted to keep the baby next to me so she would be safe and I would just hear her cry whenever she wakes up in the middle of the night. However, I unintentionally left her because a female cousin of mine who was more than ten years older than me came and we had some business. Even though I was away from my baby, I just kept thinking about her. I kept thinking of how she needs me, of how warm and happy I feel when I hold her in my arms, and all that. I really did not expect that I would love to be a mother. Knowing myself, I really hate responsibilities of all kinds. I’m not a grounded person, I am a procrastinator, and in some ways I may be unreliable. I am always up in the clouds and sometimes I am not useful for anybody, except for when I cook for people. Because I love cooking. And so, when I was with my cousin, I always found myself giggling for no reason, or for reasons that I don’t remember. I just found myself and my cousin inside a cab, and Omar (name has been changed) sat beside me. I remember him as a stand-offish and intelligent kind of guy, being a Virgo (oops, I’m generalizing) – he was my crush years ago in the university but I gave up because he suddenly had a girlfriend. But in my dream it felt like he liked me too, although he just gives very subtle hints. I didn’t really care in my dream because I knew that I had a baby girl waiting for me in my room and that alone could give me so much happiness. And when I came back to my room, I was surprised to see my baby girl awake, but she was so still. She did not panic or cry while I was away. And that, basically, was the end of my dream. I woke up because I felt cold – it was raining and the electric fan was blowing me more cold air. When I woke up, I immediately realized that perhaps Omar would be my next boyfriend. I am not sure. I just speculated that maybe he had broken up with her girlfriend (she has recently graduated) or whatever, because a psychic told me that my next boyfriend would come from my school. But we cannot really rely on speculations, right? I would just be disappointed if I believed that a specific person would be the one even if my intuition is on point, you know. And I just realized too that maybe, deep down, I really wanted someone or something to nurture – and that may be part of my soul’s purpose (I am life path number 6). 


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