Planning on Going VEGAN!

We have a test on History tomorrow. However, my mind just kept on wandering; ever since I woke up I kept thinking about food and cooking and all that. But it’s just not any kind of food. Honestly, my mind today is drawn towards bananas – but unfortunately, I only got turnips and mangoes in my closet. But having these fruits alone already makes me happy, since I am already tired of getting sick all the time and being drained whenever I get to eat meat again. Pork, pork, pork. Beef, beef, beef. I have noticed these days that meat can make me feel full, but they do not give me high energy levels. And I especially need to have high energy because I still go to school. I have already considered veganism ever since the start of the year 2015, but I couldn’t commit to it because of my environment and because of my stubborn family who like to eat unhealthy food despite the diseases and surgeries that they get from that.

A few hours after I woke up, my friend texted me to go to her boarding house and talk to the landlord. It’s because I told her a week earlier that I am interested in moving into her boarding house for the next semester because (1) it’s relatively cheaper, (2) I need a new, not toxic, environment, (3) I can cook whatever there, and (4) I can do my own laundry there. I can definitely save lots of money when I move there. And so, a few hours ago, I checked the rooms and the landlord oriented me about the rules and regulations in that boarding house. I went home (meaning, in my current dorm) feeling happy because of the changes that will happen and the freedom that I could have regarding the food that I eat. If I can cook my own meals there, then it means I can be a vegan whenever I want! Just thinking about buying my cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, tofu, etc. and cooking for my own taste buds makes me so happy I am ready to die! Last year, I started (but did not finish) doing liver flushes and avoiding meat all together. Perhaps it wasn’t the right time yet. But now, the universe conspires in helping me purify myself and live a high-vibrational lifestyle. Yes, Thea.

Three of my trusted international psychics and intuitives have revealed that 2016 is a year of exposure and purification. Last year was a year of rollercoaster problems for me (and probably for a lot of humans too) so now I had to purify myself of the filth and dense energies that I have accumulated through the years in order to advance in my spiritual journey. My pineal gland certainly wouldn’t be activated unless I transition into a vegan diet. The next semester is still three months away, but my mind is already flooded with thoughts of buying my own rice cooker, blender, chopping knives, chopping board, Tupperware, etc. and having a vegan grocery haul. I can’t wait to be a vegan! I’d love to see how healthy and pretty and energetic I am going to be when I do it. Ariana Grande is a vegan; we all can see her youthful energy and beauty shining through. I just can’t find any words to justify my excitement. Aaaahhhh!!!!:))))) Later I will devour another mango. I am just so excited to be a vegan. Another personal (and spiritual) achievement waiting for me!


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