Crying Womb

When my womb that is bloody
Is screaming in agony
Is it feeling the trauma
Stored in twenty years?
Crying for an egg denied by mama
To live a harsh earthly life?
Or is it a divine punishment for Eve
For being a beautiful wife?

When the pain gets too tough
And it’s more than enough
I try to feel numb
And get out of the body
But the strings from my womb
Wants my soul to feel badly
Those childhood memories
And lost friendships’ agonies
That once gave me joy
But now are destroyed.

Can I ask you miss womb
What I did do wrong?
Is it rejecting romances
That knock on my thongs,
Preserving my virginity
When I desire intimacy
Or getting conflicts with girls
Who hug me when
Life gives me curls?
Or should I just destroy you,
Womb of the heroine,
For letting me suffer
From my wounded feminine?

Now tell me my womb,
Why are you crying?
Are you tired of trying
To be pretty or sensual
Or intellectual
To see your worth as a woman?
For when you sob in your pain
I can feel the rain
And as I lay and writhe
For my crying womb
Resurfaces the memories
From a ten-year-old tomb –
My forgotten girlish dreams
Of the beauty and light beams
Around Shania Twain.


  1. thats why a metaphysical touch...
    still struggling fully understand it

  2. I was having a very painful menstruation yesterday lol..and as I was writhing on my bed lots of things and memories came up and I wonder why I am having a painful menstruation:)


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