One particular Youtube video about using white candles to connect to our guardian angels accidentally led me to candle magick. And candle magick led me to Wicca, obviously. And Wicca led me to the essential oils that I always use whenever I am stressed or feeling crazy from school or because of personal problems. In my mind, incense is also included, together with the essential oils, in the realm of aromatherapy. And having my moon just recently transit the sign of Taurus, nothing makes me happier now than relaxing and indulging my senses.

Several years earlier, I used to scoff at the idea of aromatherapy, thinking that it’s just a form of useless luxury. And yes, an ancient luxury it is, for it was already used by ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians long ago – think Cleopatra. She was also probably addicted to this. This ancient knowledge of using essential oils for aromatherapy is better than the chemical-based fragrances that flood the market nowadays because (1) the essential oils are more natural and thus (2) they work better, and (3) they have healing properties that the chemical-based products do not have. Here are the essential oils that I currently have, and I will update the list whenever I get more:
Cherry Blossom [Prunus serrulata]: Aids in becoming cheerful and good-humored. Also always associated with love (not much reference for this one).

Jasmine [Jasminum grandiflorum]: An extremely useful oil for treating depression. It stimulates, uplifts, and boosts self-confidence. It should be avoided during pregnancy, but it can be used to speed delivery, once contractions have started. Further it can help with postnatal depression, while also help the mother bond with the baby. Also reputedly promotes lactation in nursing mothers too. A great beauty oil, healing all skin types, and dry skin in particular.

Lavender [Lavendula angustifolia]: This is the most used oil in aromatherapy. It has a soothing and sedative effect, thus helping with sleep difficulties. Further it has a balancing effect upon the central nervous system so it may help with bipolar disorder. Its sedative action also helps reduce blood pressure. Its pain relief properties make it a great oil for sprains or strains, especially in a blend with Marjoram. As it promotes the growth of new cells, it is suitable for all skin conditions. It has a very good effect upon burns and sunburn. Great for healing wounds and preventing infection.

Rose Otto [Rosa damascena]: This is a truly feminine oil. Its effect upon the mind is reputed to be more pronounced in women, and is said to make her feel more positive about herself. Said to increase production of dopamine. Further this oil is a useful tonic for reproductive problems, from aiding pre-menstrual syndrome to aiding vaginal secretions during intercourse. Yet it is also reputed to increase semen production in men.

(Source: Wiccan Together)

I do not apply them directly onto my skin, since I am not certain whether there would be irritation or whatever. The way I inhale them is by using a pink oil burner. Sometimes, when my stress levels are really over the top, I take a bath in warm water with drops of my floral essential oils. Afterwards I feel really refreshed, feminine, and beautiful like Cleopatra. And the negative energies are really washed away by the warm water and the strong energies of these essential oils. Try them out if you haven’t yet. Namaste!


  1. seems like a lot of research has gone into it...


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