Receiving the Divine Masculine's Love

Lately I have told you that I had by heart broken because I cannot be with someone for certain reasons; but what surprised me is that nowadays, I do not get really shattered anymore. There is something about this year that makes my (or also others’, probably) emotions more stable than before. I feel like I have become stronger and more optimistic. Or probably it has something to do with the instability that we all have experienced last year – specifically the emotional ups and downs – that somehow made us master these negative emotions. Right now, even though I still cannot find a boyfriend that will really sweep me off my feet, and I am tired of getting hurt by the trial-and-errors in the romance department, I still feel love all over me. If before I often talk about women around me that give me the love and sympathy of the divine feminine, right now I can feel that there are also men in my life that care about me, but not necessarily in a romantic way.

Of course, most of them were my former lovers. Some of them broke my heart, but I am glad that we are all at peace with each other right now. Some of them still have hopes of getting back with me. Some of them do not have plans of getting in a relationship with me, but are open to friendly cuddles and whatnot. Some of them I do not have feelings for. But they all conveyed their care for me, saying that they will really kill the next guy that will break my heart. It touches me. Really. They give me the feeling of being protected, like how my father does. They give off vibes of brotherly love. I am comforted by the fact that I am taken care of by the divine masculine.

In my recent heartbreak, I have learned that a woman does not have to take the initiative if the man really loves her. The man will find a way. And almost literally, the girl will just have to sit pretty and wait. I do not make the first move right now and the results are great. I get showered by male attention when I am just chilling and in an allowing state than getting really excited and bursting with emotions and getting angry at them for not giving me attention frequently. And this fact is supported by Teal Swan, in her Vancouver synchronization workshop last year:
“Masculinity essentially is a forward-moving energy so if we address masculinity and femininity just like an energetic movement, that’s it. Masculinity moves forward almost like an arrow moves forward. And femininity is fluid, it’s more of a receptive energy. And so, what you’ve watched with polarities of sexuality is that if a female gets into the pursuit, they will reverse polarity in the relationship. And then the male will essentially sink into the receptive role. And often, I’m not gonna say everytime, but often that sets up a very unhealthy relationship dynamic. Because majority of the time, if we (of course there are many exceptions here I’m only making a generalization) have chosen a gender for this life, it’s because we’re practicing that energy. So if we go into the reverse polarity it actually throws us off. So what I’ve watched with women – this is a big deal in like the Manhattan, let’s say, if some of you have been to New York – if you go there and you watch somebody of these women who had to be in the work force and had to compete with men so they essentially have to “become men” and their energy moves like men they have reproductive issues. It’s like everything about them that’s female revolts to the energy. So in your case, because it is healthy for you to be in that feminine receptivity, very good idea to not be the one that pursues the male. That’s a forward-moving energy. We usually do when we get desperate. It will be good for him too. ‘Cause that actually feels good [for them], you’ll notice even men who are kinda like nervous about that role, and a lot of them are, because let’s face it, feminist movement made it so that guys are kinda scared to put a foot forward now. If he’s not gonna do it (the pursuing) then it’s not worth having him (Swan, 2015).”

It’s not that I am against women empowerment or that I am boxing people in gender stereotypes. It’s just that I have learned from many experiences that a girl will be treated like a princess if she acts like a pretty princess who is not desperate for a prince charming. I don’t intend to be preachy, but right now I am just so elated with the male friends that I have, since their support and energy makes me feel very safe and protected and loved. It’s like I am just beginning to get to know the importance of the divine masculine here in my current incarnation. I will be updating you of my new discoveries soon. xoxo


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