Mars Retrograde: Enemies, False Friends, and Getting on One's Nerves

Mars retrograde has started two days ago – and as much as I’d like to believe that the stars don’t really influence what’s happening in our lives, I still can’t deny how much they contribute in making me crazy. Especially the retrograding planets. For the past few days, I am on fire. What I mean is that I am fiery and angry. Things just don’t go the way they are supposed to. There are more conflicts, disagreements, and misunderstandings in the air. Enemies and false friends suddenly sprout like mushrooms. And war seems to start from even the most trivial things.

From my own understanding, when certain planets go retrograde, things go wrong. And it challenges the fuck out of us. These days, certain people get on my nerves and I automatically go off again into a negative spiral and have this destructive rage inside me. One particular male friend got angry with me with something about me that I said – but everyone who would happen to hear it would not even react to it, except for him who stuck a negative meaning on it. From what I understand, he was angry because he felt like I did not trust him for I didn’t tell him about my recent boy problems. In the first place, he lives far away from me and he always blames me for every misfortune that I experience instead of sympathizing with me. He suddenly changed and so I do not feel comfortable with him now. I was fine with my life until one day, he started making his anger obvious to me – making me feel left out, worthless, and unlikable. It was like a sudden attack to me. What angered me was that he did not confront me, but used the silent treatment that is more commonly used by females, and I just knew about his hatred towards me from a friend. He is older than me for a few years, and it’s definitely the most immature act that I’ve witnessed my whole life. I left his company because I began to feel heavy emotions, and I was hurt by the fact that he misunderstood me and looked at me negatively as if we weren’t friends before.

I just hate conflicts. Of course, everyone does. But as a Libra, it bothers me a lot. I resort to overthinking and over-analyzing things and sinking back into victim mode thinking why people treat me badly. This recent misunderstanding that I had with a male friend made me think that some people just exist to scatter negativity around and that some people are just not our true friends. This year is a year of purging or purification, so it should not be surprising if some people just fade away from our life. That’s how life is – we all change rapidly every time, either for better or for worse, that some people who used to be part of our lives are now not a vibrational match to us anymore. However, now that it’s Mars retrograde, it is not advisable to start a war – because those who start wars at this period of time will become the losers. At least that’s what astrological articles say. Because Mars is not in its full power right now. Mars retrograde offers us a time for reflection about what we really want and this is definitely not the time to act on anything that’s Mars-related like conflicts or sexual desires.

If I didn’t know anything about astrological transits, I would have waged a cold war against that person. Having my Mars sign in Scorpio, I am unable to not take a challenge. I am bad tempered and vengeful; but my Mars approach is done behind the scenes. However, I realized that the best thing to do for now instead of engaging in a negative ping pong rally is to remove myself from the situation, or from the person, that causes me more harm than good. Difficult times often reveal who our true friends are, and I am partly glad that these kinds of purging are happening in my life. Because of these people, we become stronger and wiser. And as time goes by, we learn how to shift our perspectives so that we learn how to stabilize our emotions whenever a storm comes. And regarding the difficult situation that I have just shared with you, I already have received enough sympathy and affection from people around me so I am back again to the state wherein I feel pretty, sexy, and young. And if there is anything that I have learned so far from this Mars retrograde season, it is the fact that it is useless to direct our Mars energy to our enemies for revenge or getting even; instead, we should direct that energy to taking care of ourselves, achieving anything there is to achieve, setting our priorities straight, and just staying pretty. Whenever someone hates you, remember that they are in a helpless, low vibrational state – so just go on with your life even though it still affects you in some way because as what the zen master said,
"He who angers you, defeats you." (courtesy of Elephant Journal)


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