Dressed up with Eyeshadow (Dream)

Last night, I had a weird dream. It was definitely not a past life or a childhood memory, neither ETs nor deceased loved ones talking to me, but a symbolic dream that may be helping me in my real waking life. I do not remember much, but I remember my ex (JR) and his brother (John John) being toddlers while we were all adults. It was like a family reunion. I told little JR that he will be a seaman someday, because I know right now that he is on his way to becoming one. It was weird since we both exist while we were on different timelines. I was from the future, and he was from the past. I knew all that happened between us while little JR was unaware of the fact that I will be his girlfriend someday. And I will break his heart – which will lead him to pursue his career with more will power.

And the part of the dream that I remember is when we were all dressed up in our evening gowns, waiting for someone very special to come through the door. The girls were all panicking since it was crowded and we were all doing our makeup. I, specifically, was worried about my makeup, and I was looking for the eyeshadow palette. Then, I started putting on my eyeshadow amidst the turmoil inside the room, with people saying that there is no time left. I enjoyed putting a black shade of eyeshadow on my eyelids, but it turned out to be too much and I put it out of proportions. I ended up erasing much of what I have put on. I really thought in my dream that I was so beautiful; and even more so with the eyeshadow on. I looked at my mother and my sister busying themselves in socializing with others. I also noticed that my mother, my sister, and I have the same style of evening gowns. It was sexy, almost transparent, with ornate designs. My mother has the black one, my sister’s is emerald green, while mine is dark blue. I felt so beautiful at that time, but I was so concerned with my unfinished eyshadow. And that is the end of the dream, I guess.
Eye Shadow (from DreamMoods)
 To dream that you are putting on eye shadow suggests that you are trying to create an air of mystery. To dream that your eye shadow is overdone or that the colors are strange means that you are being overly dramatic in a situation. Perhaps you are drawing it out of proportions.
Evening Gown (from DreamMoods)
 To see or wear an evening gown in your dream represents enjoyment, social pleasures, grace and culture. It also represents the image you are projecting to others…If the gown is very fancy or ornate, then it signifies an elaborate and luxurious lifestyle. If the gown is plain or simple, then it suggests a simplified lifestyle. Alternatively, to dream you are wearing an evening gown indicates that you are seeking or trying to attain some sense of happiness.

Both of these dominant symbols in my dream pertain to the image that I am projecting to others. I may be trying to conceal something, or be someone that I am not. Actually, I am trying to conceal the fact that I have been utterly shattered by my recent heartbreak, since the guy is an asshole and does not actually care about the pain that I am feeling because of him. He is really pursuing my friend, while he has a girlfriend right now, which is very selfish and insensitive of him. And I am trying so hard to project in social media that I am very happy and unaffected. I really want to show him that I am beautiful, sexy, and that he made a mistake in hurting me. And perhaps I also may be wanting other people’s attention, making them know my true worth, since I am now tired of being treated like a doormat. I want to be showered with positive attention, maybe through making myself beautiful outwardly; and neglecting the fact that I must heal first and change from the inside. I realized that I really am trying to project someone that I am not because I am tired of always being the loser. L


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