Courage and Red Candles

In my older post entitled “Burning Candles”, I have told you that candles definitely work for me, especially the pink ones, since I burn them more than candles of other colors. Whenever I burn pink candles, I feel relaxed, I feel love from other people, I feel beautiful, and I almost always hear a compliment about my beauty. In other words, I get surrounded by romantic energy when I burn them. But several hours ago, during daytime, I burned a red candle because it is Mars’ or Ares’ day (Tuesday) and I asked the universe specifically for courage and confidence in doing whatever I had to for the whole day. Then I just left it burning and went on with my life. 

Later in that day, in my social science class, the discussion was about religion. I got excited as I knew that I had an edge regarding that topic since I have been to many different religions already and I have a burning passion for spiritual stuff. In this class, we have to recite and say substantial stuff so we could get a stamp for each class. We had to collect at least five stamps in order to avoid failing – and I am getting worried now since I am too shy and lazy to recite and I haven’t gotten any stamp yet when there is only less than two months left before the semester would end. Surprisingly, I recited several times and said stuff that made me realize, “I am intelligent after all.” Having suffered from a low self-esteem since I was a child, I have problems in making my opinions known. That is why this blog is my outlet for my thoughts. And so, after reciting several times and having some exchanges of thought with my professor, I got my first stamp from him. Yay!

As I was feeling elated after the class ended, I remembered the red candle that I have burnt earlier. How magical was that? Thank Mars or Ares for giving me this Aries-like energy in order to get things done, especially those things that I thought was impossible. From now on, I can trust the red candles in assisting me to have courage, confidence, and passion. It’s amazing how the gods and goddesses are really there when you need them. If you’re also a Wiccan like me, I can say that the red candle isn’t that bad after all – even though its energy is associated with lust, rape, violence, and hatred. You can infuse it with positive intentions to avoid disastrous results. And if you are not Wiccan but you are reading this, I can really attest to the fact that candle magick works. You can try it some time, for it still amazes me up to this day. Namaste! J


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