Being Cat Called

Being cat called, especially when I walk in the streets, personally does not feel good. Most women feel the same way, because the energy behind cat calling is negative – even though those men use compliments such as beautiful, sexy, and cute. It has never felt good. I tend to feel fear and I start walking quickly whenever that happens. And yet sometimes, because I am not yet completely convinced that I am a wonderful person, or that I am beautiful, I tend to consider cat calls as affirmations of my own self-worth. But they never are! Whenever men cat call women, they consider those women inferior and they see them as sex toys. If they really see you as a wonderful and beautiful woman, and not just a walking vagina, they would respect you and stop cat calling you.

One day, as I was researching about the sacral chakra, which is the seat of our sexuality, I came across very helpful information about balancing it and being comfortable with our own sexuality. Male sexuality is encouraged all over while female sexuality is discouraged and feared. That’s probably the reason why most women all over the world reject their femininity and see it as a burden as they live in this patriarchal world. Little did we know that female sexuality is a very powerful thing. Only it has the ability to create and nurture life. I also have discovered that wearing high heels is the modern “foot binding” method, since it is very uncomfortable and we always hurt our feet. I am personally not against high heels, but what I have learned is that high heels do not make women move as freely as when they wear flat shoes. We walk stiffly. The ideal walk for women is using their hips, as if their hips form the infinity symbol when they walk. And that is how the sacral chakra spills its sexual energy, according to what I have learned.

And so one day, I have decided to wear something very revealing – an almost see-through top which exposes my shoulders and belly button. And I wore flat sandals, so I could walk sexily using my hips. I really felt sexy at that time and I was observing if anyone would cat call me. To my surprise, I was never cat called! I was just proudly walking around in my sexy femininity and nobody dared to disrespect me. Probably it was because I owned my sexuality, and I did not give anyone fear to feed upon. I am not a victim. I am a female endowed with sensuality. And now, the cat calling cases that I experience decreased. People who used to disrespect me when I walk on the streets only stared, and I do not feel any fear at all. Before, I used to think that women who are really sexy, sensual, and beautiful are those who get cat called – but it was the other way around. Women who hold their own divine feminine power are shielded from disrespectful attention from men, and they most likely only get positive attention from people around them.


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