Mariana's Thoughts

I am Mariana, the woman you all have forsaken after learning about my shadow side. You kissed me, drained me of my soul, captivated my heart, and never showed up again. I remember how people around you whispered, “She’s not even beautiful.” How could they say that. How could they discourage you from wooing me when you haven’t even tried to know the truth. You have turned me into a witch, a prostitute – but no, I am a seductress, an innocent seductress, that conducts love spells on your subconscious mind. I am not your na├»ve love slave anymore. Because I have turned into your Cleopatra, luring you into my bed while holding a knife underneath my pillow. 

Yes, I am a cheater. With so many phalluses wanting to have me, how can I be contented with just one? How can you deprive me of my sexual freedom when I haven’t even destroyed my rose yet? Oh yes, it gives me power. It gives me power. I cannot just give it to someone who wants me for my flesh. And you will never know what will make me give it to a man. Your imagination might go to the most intimate places and yet I will still be sitting in a corner unless you give me that something which I truly desire. I may look dumb and innocent – but no, I know it all. I sense your intentions and they’re all amusing. You want to grab my breasts, waist, and kiss me all throughout the night until I remove my underwear and expose myself to you. I can do it if I want to. But… J

And yet you think I am loveless, pure, and innocent still. I multitask – I juggle too many things at the same time and I will never let you know why. This ugly little girl now has too many lovers in her palms, wishing that she would notice them. But you just played with her before, as if she was a useless piece of crap, an easy-to-get whore. From burnt ashes I have sprouted from Venus’s bloody rose buds, and I have inherited her thorns too. Oh no, I don’t take revenge. Or even if I do, I will make sure that you will never know it. You will never ever know when I am going to attack. You will be hypnotized, and I will kiss your mouth with a destructive kind of love. That is, if you will be willing to – like the thousands of others who wants to be in your position. Those who have wronged me will be subconsciously lured, and you will erotically lick my wounds.


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