How I Healed My Sacral Chakra

My moon cycle is opposite of what is deemed normal – women normally ovulate during the full moon and shed their monthly blood during the new moon – but lately (meaning, since last year) my menstruation coincides with the full moon. At first I found it very magical and I thought it was the normal thing, but I am still thankful since I have a regular cycle, which is an indicator of health on a woman. However, when a super blood moon in Libra came last week, my period did not come. Until last night, it didn’t. And I also cannot be pregnant because I haven’t engaged in sexual activities lately. That’s when I realized that I should do something about this dysfunction in my reproductive area.

The chakra that rules our reproductive parts is the sacral chakra, the 2nd chakra with the color orange. It is located at our pelvic area. It is the center of our passion, pleasure, emotions, sensuality, intimacy, and connection. Recently I have been going through a lot since I have involved myself in a controversy, regarding someone whom I have a romantic relationship with, plus having stress in school works and being heart broken right after the Libran lunar eclipse. I started worrying for my delayed menstruation, so I “tried” (because I am a novice at spiritual practices) doing energetic work/healing for my sacral chakra.

Last night, I put on my earphones and listened to binaural beats specifically for the sacral chakra. And then I closed my eyes, held my womb, and imagined a bright orange energy spiral in my womb. I imagined it getting bigger and bigger. At first it was small and stubborn, but then I just let it get bigger and bigger. I repeated it several times until I got tired. And as I was doing it, I was also setting the intention of healing it, letting it continue its reproductive work, and asking it to let my menstrual blood flow together with the toxins and negativities that my body has accumulated for the past month.

And just a few hours ago, as I took a bath, my menstrual blood has started flowing out. I was amazed by how anyone can have the ability to heal their bodies energetically through visualization. Because frankly, this is just the second time that I have tried energetic work in myself. The first one was last year, when I had an excruciating migraine. And so if you are experiencing pain or an illness, you may also want to try energetic healing through specifically targeting the chakra that is associated with that physical dysfunction. Happy menstruation to all women out there, Namaste! 


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