Black Cap

I never knew
That your black cap
Would be a memento
For our parting;
A sign of goodbye
From our fated romance
Which came like a breeze
That blew my hair.

The Piscean new moon
With its whimsical delusions
Made me fall in love
And believe in your falsehood
Despite the ominous darkness
That the future may bring.

Like a child being lied to,
My heart was so happy
Until the eve
Of the Libran blood moon –
I transformed into
A madwoman in the attic:
Demanding the love that you promised,
Seizing the raw you with my fingers,
Asking for clarity
And for your sworn commitment –

And yet you left me in silence
In daily confusion
Until my candles gave ugly signs
That you weren’t coming back
Because in the first place
You only pretended
And faked affection
In exchange for a sensual night.


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