How I Healed My Sacral Chakra

My moon cycle is opposite of what is deemed normal – women normally ovulate during the full moon and shed their monthly blood during the new moon – but lately (meaning, since last year) my menstruation coincides with the full moon. At first I found it very magical and I thought it was the normal thing, but I am still thankful since I have a regular cycle, which is an indicator of health on a woman. However, when a super blood moon in Libra came last week, my period did not come. Until last night, it didn’t. And I also cannot be pregnant because I haven’t engaged in sexual activities lately. That’s when I realized that I should do something about this dysfunction in my reproductive area.

The chakra that rules our reproductive parts is the sacral chakra, the 2nd chakra with the color orange. It is located at our pelvic area. It is the center of our passion, pleasure, emotions, sensuality, intimacy, and connection. Recently I have been going through a lot since I have involved myself in a controversy, regarding someone whom I have a romantic relationship with, plus having stress in school works and being heart broken right after the Libran lunar eclipse. I started worrying for my delayed menstruation, so I “tried” (because I am a novice at spiritual practices) doing energetic work/healing for my sacral chakra.

Last night, I put on my earphones and listened to binaural beats specifically for the sacral chakra. And then I closed my eyes, held my womb, and imagined a bright orange energy spiral in my womb. I imagined it getting bigger and bigger. At first it was small and stubborn, but then I just let it get bigger and bigger. I repeated it several times until I got tired. And as I was doing it, I was also setting the intention of healing it, letting it continue its reproductive work, and asking it to let my menstrual blood flow together with the toxins and negativities that my body has accumulated for the past month.

And just a few hours ago, as I took a bath, my menstrual blood has started flowing out. I was amazed by how anyone can have the ability to heal their bodies energetically through visualization. Because frankly, this is just the second time that I have tried energetic work in myself. The first one was last year, when I had an excruciating migraine. And so if you are experiencing pain or an illness, you may also want to try energetic healing through specifically targeting the chakra that is associated with that physical dysfunction. Happy menstruation to all women out there, Namaste! 

Black Cap

I never knew
That your black cap
Would be a memento
For our parting;
A sign of goodbye
From our fated romance
Which came like a breeze
That blew my hair.

The Piscean new moon
With its whimsical delusions
Made me fall in love
And believe in your falsehood
Despite the ominous darkness
That the future may bring.

Like a child being lied to,
My heart was so happy
Until the eve
Of the Libran blood moon –
I transformed into
A madwoman in the attic:
Demanding the love that you promised,
Seizing the raw you with my fingers,
Asking for clarity
And for your sworn commitment –

And yet you left me in silence
In daily confusion
Until my candles gave ugly signs
That you weren’t coming back
Because in the first place
You only pretended
And faked affection
In exchange for a sensual night.

Mirrored Beauty

Why is it that when
I started to aim to look like
A rose,
A ballerina,
A goddess,
An elf,
A sculpture,
And a woman –
I started to dance freely through life
Bursting with fragances
Of a delicate rose,
Spinning and leaping
Like a free-flowing ballerina,
Borrowing the divine
Beauty of my goddess,
Loving the earth
Like a maternal elf,
Staying still
Like a finely molded sculpture,
And being a creator
Like that of
A woman’s womb.
And when I asked beauty from
The moon goddess,
Instead of finding it
In the mirror
I started seeing it
In the faces
Of every insect, animal,
And human being. 

Moon and Aphrodite Worship: Befriending the Divine Feminine

I have so much to be thankful for. Love follows me everywhere – filial love, friendships, romance, and more acquaintances that make me think why I have suddenly become approachable. Was it because Jupiter transits my ascendant for the whole year?

Anyway, I have a feeling that the moon (maybe the goddess Selene or the moon itself) and Aphrodite aids me in my life now. It’s already been a month since I have fallen in love with Wicca and I think most of my happiness right now is caused by the moon and Aphrodite, my patron goddess. Things in the recent weeks are definitely stressful but in the end, I always find love and support from the people with dominant feminine energy within them. In addition, I have reconciled with my ex-boyfriend from six years ago and we are good friends now. There are also lots of recent happenings wherein the universe assures me of my beauty and attractiveness through the compliments of other people. Perhaps it is Aphrodite’s way of assuring me, “Don’t wish for more beauty, because you already have it.” Younger people always greet me in the streets, saying Hi ate! which reminds me of my own sister whom I recently had a very big fight with. By the way, I think I have energetically fixed my relationship with my family even though they are far away. I can still feel their support although I cannot scientifically explain how. I can also feel the love, and care of acquaintances, as if they are always protecting and mothering me. They feel like mothers who want me to eat well, etc. It also seems that I have more female friends now, and more females are hugging me every day. I now feel the love and nurturing energy of females around me, instead of perceiving them as a threat to my emotional health. My best friend, especially, always shows concern for me and she loves being with me now more than ever. I am so thankful for these things. It feels like I am already feeling that “stability” theme that the year 2015 promised. J

I believe that worshipping Aphrodite and the Moon made me have peace with my own divine feminine, and it has manifested in my relationships with the females around me. In my natal chart, my moon in Cancer is in the 11th house. Natives with this particular placement tend to attract many friends, especially females, or people who have dominant feminine energy within them. The native is very careful in choosing friends, and treats them like family. My moon has equally good and harsh aspects, so my stories about friendships are bittersweet. But when I have best friends, they are mostly feminine, caring, beautiful, and sympathetic. I am closer to them more than my family. Before, I really find females around me to be antagonistic and treacherous, but nowadays I attract females to tend to listen to me and take care of me. They really make me feel what the Divine Feminine is really like. Through them, I experience the tender loving care that my own mother has not given me. My girlfriends give me hugs and kisses that I couldn’t get from my mother and sister. And these lunar friends are mostly the reason why I can survive the stresses of my adolescence.

I also combine the powers of Aphrodite and the moon to achieve my desires. I just desire love and beauty in my life, not really being interested in masculine achievements and all that. When I discovered about the moon water, I became excited. I make them every full moon and so far, it has given me good results regarding my biggest desire ever. Right now, all I can say is that I am very happy in the arms of the Divine Feminine; and because of that, I am not sure whether I would still venture out to discover the god or the energy of the Divine Masculine, and just be contented in the Divine Feminine. But what I am sure is that I will be a forever advocate of the causes of the moon and the love goddess, because that is where my heart is. Namaste. 

The "Aswang" in Philippine Folk Literature (Demonizing Females)

The aswang is important to us Filipinos because this specific mythical creature is very “Filipino” and unique to our nation. Also, in order to understand the good, we have to understand what is evil. The aswang is the representation of evil in the Philippine society. It is the demon, the fallen angel, the monster. The aswang is important to the Philippine society as it contributed to the enrichment of Philippine folk literature, but it has instilled more fear in the Filipino psyche more than excitement. It had become a means of social control – something to prevent children from going outside during the night, from sleeping late at night, and most importantly, to demonize powerful and rebellious women especially during the patriarchal colonial rule of the Spaniards in the Philippines.

Historically speaking, the aswangs were said to be originating in Philippine provinces, specifically in the Panay Island, and more specifically in the province of Capiz, because women of Capiz during the 15th century led upheavals and uprisings against the Spanish colonizers. But the Spaniards had the upperhand because they had already converted the nation to Christianity so they demonized these women from Capiz as aswangs. This propaganda was very successful – these women from Capiz lost supporters because the Filipinos have a strong belief in aswangs.  The babaylans in the Panay Island were also demonized by the friars as witches, demons, or aswangs, because they feared the power that the pre-colonial Filipinas had. The aswangs in Philippine folk literature are predominantly portrayed as women – and this is no surprise since the Christian society in the Philippines during the Spanish era detested women who had qualities other than what they portray to be the “ideal” Filipina during that time (which is basically like Virgin Mary). It was one way of stripping power away from the “empowered” pre-colonial Filipinas.

In the Chinese concept of yin and yang, women and evil were both attributed to the “yin” aspect of the universe. Evil had always been associated with the women; one example of that is the Biblical tale of Adam and Eve, wherein Eve was basically cursed forever in her womanhood because she ate an apple, when in fact, Adam did the same mistake. Another example is a tale in Greek mythology about Pandora ’s Box, wherein Pandora (a female) was portrayed as the cause of all evils in the world. Monotheistic religions had always been misogynistic and patriarchal. It is also interesting that there is a folk belief that when a person is bitten or becomes infected with the saliva of the aswang, or if the aswang’s saliva would be spat into the mouth or ear of a person, he/she would die or become an aswang too. The visual imagery presented was very sexual – which may be alluded to the fact that the Church fears or detests women’s sexuality. The manananggal, another Philippine mythical creature closely related to aswang, is also depicted as a woman who becomes separated from the lower half of her body and flies through the night to inflict terror upon humans. In my interpretation of this, a woman becomes monstrous or evil the moment she rebels from her traditional roles as a woman. And yet, despite her rebellion, the lower half of her body, which contains her reproductive organ, remains on the ground – which can be interpreted that in a patriarchal society, no matter how much a woman rebels or empowers herself, she will always be seen as a babymaker, a bearer of a man’s heir, a caretaker, and a nanny.

At first glance, the concept of “aswang” in the Philippine society may be seen as important especially in the field of literature, but it is just something used for evil like social control, and restricting women’s power in the society. It is used by the Catholic Spaniards for propaganda, and as an attempt to control female sexuality. Basically, everything that is “unchristian” to them translates to evil, including the power given to women during the pre-colonial times. Even the concept of using a crucifix against the aswang shows the Filipinos that the most powerful thing is, or being associated with, the Roman Catholic Church. This essay is not anti-Christianity, but merely showing how Christianity was used for gaining power and stripping power from others, as we learn in history. And I personally believe that the concept of aswang has contributed a lot to women’s powerlessness in the Philippine society. 
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