My mother once said, stay away from occult,
It is a mortal sin, you bitch.
But my heart leads me to deities, astrology,
And magick for I am a witch.

Searching the truth from many religions
Still nothing is suited for me.
Yet when I prayed with a pink candle
The love goddess spoke to me.

In my solitary path, I always find myself
Bleeding under the moon
The lunar light, with beauty so bright
Sent women to care for this loon.

Lighting incense, cones or sticks
Candle rituals for the elements four
Planting roses, growing hair long
And drinking moon water to roar.

Crystals, pendulums, and talismans
Making potions and tinctures in jars
I am a witch, I tap my power within
And without from the earth, sky, and stars.


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