The Rejection Pattern (Part 2)

Today is a bad day for me. It was because of several factors, but the biggest thing that threw me off guard was rejection. The rejection pattern in my life resurfaced and my inner child’s wounds were triggered. The bleeding sores were opened again and I cannot stand its rotten smell. I thought I was done with that horrible thing but that big REJECTION still knocks me off the ground. I can’t believe I was rejected. It was a big slap on my ego. I can’t believe I am being treated this way.

I will not go into detail regarding why today is a bad day for me, because I am currently receiving rejection from several beings and from several aspects of my life right now. My already low self-esteem was crushed again. But I think I also have to let go of my habit of pleasing everyone and making sure that people like me – because sometimes the universe just shows you circumstances wherein they really won’t. And you can’t force them to like you by doing everything like being frank with them, saying all your prayers to the universe, or doing Wiccan spells, because we cannot mess with people’s free will. Some people treat me really well; but people who treat us badly really overpower those who show their love for us. I want to be healed but I do not know how. L

What makes me unhappy, I have noticed, is that I keep wanting what I do not have. I take for granted everything that is there and I set my eyes on the things that are out of my reach. This, in return, makes me lose more. I am a stubborn being; I cannot learn my lesson. And I don’t know what it is either! Rejection hurts a lot. And if I am to ponder on the esoteric lesson behind these trials, I am not quite sure, but maybe the universe wants me to practice allowing. When it comes to beings with free will, maybe I do not have to get them for myself like objects. Maybe I just have to go with the flow and let beings who resonate with me naturally befriend me. Someday I will not try so hard to make people like me again and just allow whatever comes my way. Because rejection is scary. But I don’t know yet. I don’t know. 


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