Prophetic Dreams (Part II)

Nowadays, I light purple candles especially during the night to aid me to have psychic abilities. I still don’t know if that would work, but there is no harm in trying, right? I love them because they have a lavender scent. I also noticed that I tend to get sleepy when I have lighted candles around. Nature is still the one who can lull us best to sleep. J

But speaking of dreams, those that I remember the most vividly right after waking up are what I consider to be “prophetic”. I am not really psychic, I don’t have visions of the future and all that stuff, but somehow when I dream of the people who are (or were) close to my heart, the dreams often are close to being literal or true. I dreamt about my ex-friend and she said sorry to me. We reconciled in my dream and became best friends (again) afterwards. In my dream, I wanted her to be with my side always. And we were very happy together. We were as close as sisters. J So in real life, I expected her to approach me so we can patch things up – but she is still avoiding me. Sometimes when I catch her staring at me, whether purposely or accidentally, she immediately changes her focus or tries to leave right away. If my intuition is right, she may be thinking of befriending me again but she is too shy. I also cannot detect hatred from her anymore. Sometimes I ask my candles to help in our ruined friendship, but still we cannot mess with a person’s free will. And I can still live my life without her anyway. But I know that my heart still misses her.

I also dreamt of my ex-boyfriend, whom I broke up with just before we could reach two years in our relationship. I dreamt that I was with my high school friends and the news that he already has another girl reached me. I was so mad and I tried chasing and confronting him, but he was just shrugging and denying and continuing to enjoy his life. When I woke up, I texted him and asked whether my dream was true. He was treating me badly with his words, denying at first, but then I extracted the information that I need, but not necessarily satisfying to me. My dream was so true – he is now having sexual relations with a girl that according to him is so beautiful that I was nothing compared to her. He said that he likes the girl, but he’s doubting whether to court her or not. They were friends with benefits, according to him. Every time he talks about her I feel stabbed, and my self-worth took a very deep dive down into the earth’s core. So since then, I became determined to use all of my power to make myself more beautiful so I wouldn’t have to be told again that I am not. Because it hurts me. Now I frequently pray to Venus for guidance and help.

Hopefully, as I go along my spiritual journey, my third eye chakra would open and I could have more prophetic dreams. Not all of them have good messages for me, but at least I am aware – which would make me less likely to be fooled or be shocked at the grim realities of life. So that’s just it for today, Namaste! J


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