Burning Candles

It has only been two weeks since I started lighting candles to help me send my desires out to the universe and manifest them quickly. I forgot where I got the idea, but I think it was from a video from Wisdom from North about our guardian angels, and eventually it led to me to study Wicca (I will make a separate post about this) – and I have never been so excited in my life. For several years I have been jumping from religion to religion until I became a New Age person, and now I think I will finally devote most of my time to Wicca because I am really, really drawn to it. And just to make sure if putting desires onto candles is really effective, I asked a psychic and he agreed to it – especially if I believe that candles work, according to him. He even recommended pink candles (for love and friendships), green (for money), and white (for spiritual cleansing and clarity of mind). That’s just what he thinks I need in my life right now. J And in addition to those three colors, I also burn red candles for added sexual magnetism and courage.

Witches or Wiccans can never have too many candles. I have lots in my closet and still plan to buy lots in the future. Now you may ask, is burning candles really effective? So far, the pink and red candles are effective in my life – maybe because it has only been a few days since I purchased white and green candles. After I started burning pink candles on a daily basis, I think I have become more approachable even though my personality is still shy, and people have become friendlier towards me. Even a few people whom I had uncomfortable relationships with before have become friendly towards me. I also noticed that more and more people trust me for help. I have also asked for beauty from the pink candles; and I don’t really know if it’s really the candles’ workings but for the past few weeks, I tend to hear more compliments about my physical appearance even though I have insecurities regarding my thin body frame. I seldom light red candles but I think it has worked since I had an unexpected intimate encounter with someone I had a slight crush on. It was really unexpected for all of us. There were no seductive actions on my part; it just happened. And it is kind of unforgettable. In my journal I have more evidences of the red candles’ workings, but I think I won’t burn them that often since it has the capability of complicating one’s life and destroying other relationships.

Of all the candles I have burnt, the green ones take the most time to finish. Its flame is also smaller than the other colored candles. Maybe I will keep lighting that since I really need money and abundance in my life right now. And notably, the white candles are the only candles that emit smoke. If the information from the internet is right, then maybe white candles really cleanse any negativity in my soul or room and release them through black smoke. I also try to read signs through ceromancy and pyromancy, and these things lead me more and more to having a witch’s lifestyle. And if you are planning on burning candles yourself, I can say from experience that they really work – especially if your intentions are good and not very selfish, to the point that you already control other people’s free will. As of now, I am only burning scented tea lights because they’re the cheapest, and I still plan on buying Wiccan or pagan candle holders. Good luck on your own spiritual journey, and blessed be!

When I grow up, my altar will surely look better than this. :p


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