Broken Mug: An Omen?

I want to buy more of these mugs :3
I believe that there is no such thing as coincidence, and that everything happens for a reason. A few hours ago, as I was washing the dishes (very few dishes since I am at a boarding school), my favorite pink mug with “kawaii” designs suddenly broke. Perhaps it was out of clumsiness, perhaps it was because I was distracted, but I think that something happened during that split-second because I am always very careful in whatever I do. The idea that entered my mind right away was “change” – because no matter how I liked that beautiful mug, the situation made me think that things are temporal and I’d have to replace it at some time. Yet I mourned for that mug as I threw it in the trash can. L Aww. And then I searched the internet for its meaning.

Unfortunately, there are no specific pages that particularly discuss the breaking of mugs or cups. The ones that show up are the breaking of glasses or mirrors. And interestingly, most cultures interpret breaking of glasses or mirrors as seven years of bad luck. Or it may not really be seven years, but most people see it as a bad omen. However, there were also random comments or answers about this that interest me: some say that these types of incidents become meaningful right after starting to perform rituals (shamanic, magickal, Wiccan, etc.); some say that someone or something is trying to get your attention, you are being summoned or thought of by someone either by your relative, family, close friend, or someone from your past; some say that regular dropping and breaking of things may be a message telling you to stop whatever you are doing because that is not where you are supposed to be; some say it means you have to be more careful; some say that the broken object shielded you from the harm that was supposed to be done on you; while some say that it is a sign of luck or good omen.

I don’t know yet what the real meaning of it is for me, but so far my family is not hurt in any way. It is alarming and yet exciting at the same time, since I now get more omens and I am becoming more aware of them. For now I can’t say that it’s just an accident, and I will certainly be on the lookout for more things that are bound to happen. Take care of your breakable things, and have a nice day. J


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