Aphrodite and the Rose

Last week, I have started making my Book of Shadows. It is black, as it traditionally is, with hints of pink all over. I feel like I had to put pink in it because it represents my personality. My identity is tied to pink – even my room is full of shades of pink. My first ever Book of Shadows got me so excited because I can put my Wiccan researches there, I can use my creativity again, it can be my journal of magic, and I can put my own spells there. This is my Book of Shadows:

As I was writing the contents of my BoS, I thought that maybe I should also include different goddesses from different pantheons so as to know them all personally and pick my patron goddess. At first I picked Aphrodite, as she is the ruler of Libra, my sun sign, and because I am really all about love and beauty. I desire love and beauty in my life as if I have come down to have a physical incarnation just to have those experiences. But then as I was searching the internet, I came across a goddess named Antheia, the goddess of flowers and flowery wreaths. By then it made sense to me – I love flowers so much because my name itself is the name of the goddess of flowers! I wrote in my BoS that my patron goddesses were Aphrodite and Antheia, but I wasn’t so sure yet. I just like them more than the other goddesses because they represent my personality more.

But days later, I decided that maybe Aphrodite really is my goddess because I connect with her causes more. And I think my personality is more similar to her. I was praying to her to give me beauty, because my ex-boyfriend has just lowered my self-esteem again. A few days ago, a stall which sells different kinds of plants appeared near my college. There was a variety of flowers but I was so attracted to the rose…as if the rose calls me subconsciously. No matter how I ignored the red rose plant, I always came back to see it. And eventually I bought it. I have never been so excited in my life!!! I brought it to my dorm, placed it in a sunny area, and I water it every morning. I even made rose tea out of its dried flower petals.

But yesterday, when I started menstruating (it always coincides with the full moon), I fed my little rose plant named Maria Britney Spears my menstrual blood – for I had to give it my life essence so it would give me back its life essence. The menstrual blood is very powerful, especially in spells, and was feared by men especially in the ancient times so it was demonized as a dirty thing. The menstruation period is a very powerful time for women, but most of us are just not aware of it.

And as I was reading about flowers and their spiritual or Wiccan significance, I was delighted when I discovered (this is surely not new to you) that the rose and Aphrodite has a very special connection. It is Aphrodite’s flower, she created it:

“Aphrodite and, thus, love, were first associated when she heard of her beloved Adonis’ mortal wounds. She ran, blinded by love, and thorns sliced at her feet as she moved. Her blood mixed with the thorns, bound them into a new shape, dangerously lovely: the red rose. She flew to Adonis’ side, but not fast enough; and she wept as he died in her arms. [source]”

Therefore, now we have this coincidence of picking Aphrodite as my goddess and having a rose for a plant. Maybe it was her way of telling me that she is indeed my patron goddess? However, a rose is a flower too and Antheia is the goddess of flowers. Or perhaps I was really right in picking the two of them as my goddesses: the major being Aphrodite and the minor being Antheia. And this is all because of a rose, which is now my favorite flower. Namaste J


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