Purification: the Theme for 2016

I got this information from Teal’s blog (link), and her yearly forecast was that the general theme for the earth this year is purification in any form – mental, physical, and emotional. Initially, she has spent “a long time looking into the dominant potential for 2016 (Swan, 2016)”. Nevertheless, purification turns out to be 2016’s theme, according to the beautiful woman.

“The theme that is the most dominant this year is purification. Pollution is the presence or introduction of something into something else that has harmful effects on that thing. When we come to this life, we opt into a degree of pollution on a mental, emotional and physical level…This year will be the year for purification on a mental level, on an emotional level and on a physical level. You will be provided every opportunity to free yourself from pollution that you have acquired since your birth…This process that ultimately serves us can be a very painful process if we have any resistance to being stripped clean of what does not match our essence. Truth will be exposed. All things will be exposed for exactly what they truly are…Including you.

“2016 is the year for cleansing. It’s a year for observing and reflecting on the aspects that belong with you and aspects that don’t. We are going to purge out that which is not genuinely our self and our truth…Mankind is going to be purifying by becoming aware of the pollution within its own species and cleansing this pollution.

“Approach this year with curiosity as if you do not yet know what the outcome will be. You will experience revelation. Approach this year as if you do not yet see what will be revealed as you uncover your true self…Jump on board with refining yourself, your life and the world you live in. Let yourself and your life be stripped clean (Swan, 2016).”

And because lots of nasty truths will be exposed and I don’t want it to add stress to my already very polluted life, these are my plans for the year:

Liver flush (again)
-          For cleansing my body of too much dirt and toxins

Purchase more incense and white candles
-        For calming, purifying the surroundings, and added energy in prayers and intentions brought forth into the universe

Yoga and meditate
-          For physical fitness while getting in touch with the divine energy

Daily dose of green tea
-          To calm my nerves and for its other health benefits

A plant-based diet (if I can!!!)
-          For developing a higher frequency and more nutrients absorbed by my body

And last, but not the least:

Remaining calm during a storm
-    Because the intense happenings that are about to happen to us are only opportunities for us to spiritually grow and mature. Every cloud has a silver lining. Namaste!


Swan, Teal. Jan. 15, 2016. Forecast for 2016. Retrieved from: http://blog.thespiritualcatalyst.com/forecast-for-2016/


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