Goals for 2016

Bigger thighs, hips, and butt

I’ve always wanted to have a curvy body, but I’m an ectomorph so my body type won’t allow any type of bulkiness into my physique. This year, maybe I’ll devote my time to yoga, warm up exercises, walking, or going to the gym in order to sweat out a lot of toxins and achieve the body type that I really want to have. By the end of 2016, I should already look physically sexy. ;)

More fancy clothes

I’m an artist, but now I express it more through makeup and fashion choices. I want to be able to wear those girly clothes that I wasn’t able to wear during my teenage years due to shyness and low self-esteem. I want to express myself more through clothes – and a wide array of clothing choices makes it easier.

[Hoarding] more makeup or whatever items (lipsticks, nail polishes, bags, etc.)

In the near future, I want to have a dressing table with lots of makeup items on it. I want all sorts of colors and whatever to match my mood. I really want to try everything and experiment with colors. I really wanna have a boudoir and it won’t be impossible when I become financially independent.

Finish my thesis

This is the T-word that my friends are not allowed to mention. I did not finish it during the Christmas break because vacations are supposed to be enjoyed. But now that I know that neither one of the two boys is my Mr. Right, I will focus my energy on studying this shit and defending it successfully and taking this horrible thing of my to-do list.

Concentrate on my studies

I really wanna graduate so bad now because the environment of my university already feels so restricting. I want to start earning work experiences because I want the real life, not the university life. UP is really a psychological battlefield and the way is so foggy that I cannot see my way into the future clearly. I’d concentrate on my studies for this semester because we never know where we can use those bits and pieces of knowledge.

Have a richer lifestyle

By this, I mean pamper evenings, facial masks, always eating, always sleeping, wearing comfy clothes, putting makeup on when going out – basically taking care of myself. Practicing self-love in practical ways and not abandoning oneself health-wise.

Hone my communication and people skills

I know that I am meant for the path of communication because I love getting and sharing information about anything, anytime. I love writing, telling stories, reading, gossiping, and blogging. I would love to sharpen my skill on reporting and public speaking, because that is the biggest challenge for me growing up. I’d love to have a harmonious relationship with people, because people skills are definitely a requirement in the real world.

A clear plan regarding my [future] career

By the end of 2016, I want to already have a clear plan regarding my career so I can just grab opportunities right away. I desire the experience. I want a clear picture of what I really am going to achieve. My mars in Scorpio should know what it is going to get in order to take time to plan some calculated moves. I really want to be independent. My parents are getting old and I cannot be a child forever. 


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