Drinking Tea with an Empty Stomach

For two days now, I have been drinking green tea the first thing in the morning. Yes, when my stomach is empty. This is our enrollment week, so I thought green tea would be a good thing to drink to calm my nerves. However, I feel nauseous after drinking it, like I wanted to vomit or defecate or sleep – I just can’t understand the feeling. And it’s almost as if my body rejects the tea. I initially thought that the tea was conditioning my body in some way, or cleaning some blocked chakras – but when I finally googled “drinking green tea in the morning on empty stomach,” I found out that the tannins in the green tea increases the stomach acids, which in turn causes the nauseous feeling. I just damaged my body. Sorry, body! Don’t drink green tea with an empty stomach because you definitely won’t enjoy your cute cup of tea. :)

There are lots of benefits of drinking green tea, and I found this cute picture which says a lot:

Happy tea time, my cuties! 


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