A Chinese Creation Myth

Before Heaven and Earth had formed, there was a shapeless, dark expanse, a gaping mass; thus it was called the Great Glory. The Way (dao) first came from vacant space, vacant space gave birth to the cosmos, the cosmos gave birth to the Breath, and the Breath had its limits. The limpid light (yang) rose mistily and became the sky, the heavy turbidness congealed and became Earth. Because rare limpidity easily condensed but heavy turbidity congealed with difficulty, the sky was the first to form, and Earth settled into shape later. The double essence of the sky and Earth became yin and yang, the complex essence of yin and yang became the four seasons, the diffuse essence of the four seasons became the ten thousand things in nature. The hot Breath of concentrated yang gave birth to fire and the essence of the fiery Breath became the sun. The cold Breath of concentrated yin became water and the essence of watery Breath became the moon. The excess from sun and moon became the stars. The sky received the sun, moon, and stars, and the Earth received rivers and rain water, and dust and silt. Heaven is round; Earth is square.


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