Going Home for Christmas

There are only thirteen hours left before my flight to my hometown – Puerto Princesa, Palawan – and I’m already starting to feel my anticipation for my most awaited Christmas and the glory and love that I would receive when I come home. This feeling of excitement was triggered when I watched the “Ice Angels” segment of the Victoria’s Secret fashion show for this year. Seeing ice and snowflakes and feeling the coldness of the air by just watching them already makes me feel like walking outside on a cold Christmas Eve with my lover. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me this Christmas. I know that there will be a lot of surprises. I just know it.

Right now, I am playing Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” the best pop song the makes me feel the spirit of Christmas. Lights are not enough for me to feel the holiday season. I need music to affect my flesh and make my mind absorb that it is indeed the season to be jolly. I am deliberately doing this now because even after the last day of my final exams, I still felt dread because I was thinking that the day of my flight was still a week away. And one week is too long for a person who badly wants to go home for Christmas and see her loved ones. Also, it is harder for adults to feel happy during Christmas. We, as children, felt so much happiness during this period of time - but now the twenty-year-old me is just lamenting and asking herself, “Where did this happiness go?”

People look forward to Christmas because this season, compared to the rest of the year, is the only time to be genuinely happy, indulgent, and be with the people we love. This is the time to be grateful, the time to give, the time to receive, time of surprises, time of optimism, time of merry lights and celebratory music. If we think about it, the world must be so sad to agree to have a month only reserved for happiness. Personally, I would use this opportunity to wear dresses, wear makeup, eat everything I want, and just spend time with every single thing or person that makes me happy. I have struggled so much this year both in the university and in my home. This was a year of illnesses, friendship trials, romantic affairs, cheating, taking up hateful subjects, and severing of ties. When I take a step for the first time again into the soil of my hometown, I would definitely make sure to live like I don’t care about anything and make sure that I will have no regrets. I would cook meals for my family and spend most of my time with my childhood crush turned to lover. Besides those, I wouldn’t care about anything anymore. J


  1. Yes it really is. :) Studying far away from home is very challenging.


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