Female Detective Conan (Dream)

I dreamt that I was with two other friends – a male and a female. I knew that they were my friends, but I was pretty sure after I woke up that they were not one of my friends in this physical life. We went into an abandoned and dilapidated building, and I am not sure what our reason for going there was. It was an abandoned building, yet there was a female security guard sitting near the open door. She eyed me as if she could see through me, and told my companions that if they were seeking for mysteries to be solved, they would surely be best friends with me because I was blessed by “God” with the most talent in criminal investigations. I have other skills in life but she said that I definitely have that spy-like talent and that’s where most of my potential is. As she was speaking, I see English subtitles in my dreams, as if the dream itself was a foreign movie that still needs translation. When we stepped inside the building, we saw a pool of pale blood in the floor, and the blood was dripping from the ceiling. The guard mentioned two possible suspects, and referred to me as the one who could most possibly be able to solve the case. Me and my male friend went up the stairs, and followed the trail of blood. The guard looked like a nun this time, and still kept on talking as I was trying to figure out the situation. The more I went up the stairs, the more eerie it felt. I looked at my male friend and felt that the murderer was nearby. I told him to come down the stairs with me. When we reached the ground floor, I looked at the stairs again and saw a man with an ominous aura. I was pretty sure that that was the man we were looking for, but he was too scary to be reckoned with. Without saying what I saw, I told my friends to run and we ran away from the old abandoned building. 


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