Charming Future Boyfriend (Dream)

I have slept this afternoon and I had a dream. My dream had many facets, and it seemed like it would never end, but there’s one significant part of my dream that I thought I had to document and post here. I dreamt that everyone who cares or cared about me in my life - my family, friends, classmates, former classmates, relatives, admirers, etc. - have surrounded my current lover, JR, and formed a very big circle. I was part of the big circle, and JR was in the middle. I was very worried for him because it seemed like he would get judged by these people in my life. He looked very ordinary, and not very handsome, but suddenly he cracked a joke and every one of us laughed like crazy. He cracked a joke again – and this time, everyone loved him so much already. I was so relieved and I was so proud of him. I shrieked, “Hala, para siyang si Jiereck!” (He is like Jiereck!) Jiereck was my high school classmate, the “boy pick-up” of our batch, because he always said pick-up lines that are very funny every single time. Some dreams are about our past, while some dreams are a way of manifestation or creation of the future. Therefore, I believe that this dream is a premonition that eventually, JR will get the approval of almost all people in my life. And we will be very happy together. I am so excited to finally announce to the world that I will be in a relationship with him in the future. J


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