A Seven-Year-Old Girl's Dream Come True

I distinctly remember him from when I was still in first and second grade. I really felt like I could not reach him; because I was seven while he was ten. When all of us played street games, my sister and I couldn’t match them all for they had longer limbs and taller statures compared to us. Our brothers of fourth, fifth, and sixth grades really gained my admiration, because they acted like they were more mature than the five of us who were in kindergarten, first grade, and second grade. Age differences really matter during childhood, and are very physically evident. JR was really special in my eyes, although I may have not really admitted it to myself back then, because he had this cool vibe in him, he walked slowly like a boy already going through puberty, and I liked his face. He was not really classically handsome, unlike Claudio who was really good-looking and looked like Harry Potter, but he looked really kind and understanding and open-minded. Once, when I was forced to ride with them in their tricycle, he looked at me with a warm smile. That kind of smile stayed with me for a long time. However, it was a smile that did not mean that he liked me romantically. Maybe it was a smile that said that he liked me as a playmate, as a girl younger than him. It was a distant kind of smile, the kind that secretly says, “I wish we were close.”

Out of all the boys that I have played with during that time, he had the most appeal. There’s just something about him that I could not pinpoint. I don’t know what it is, but I recall that whenever he was around, I suddenly freeze, turn into an ice queen, and become conscious of my actions. He was my childhood crush. Well, he was one of my childhood crushes, but he was the most special of them all because he  turned up during the happiest time of my life, which was during the time of Britney Spears, Westlife, and Stephen Speaks’ “Passenger Seat”. It was the most nostalgic time of my life. It was because of our parents that we could play with each other. I was really close with his younger brother because we were of the same age, but I just wished that it was him whom I was close to instead. I was so attracted to him. There was something soulful and mysterious about him that just made me want to get to know him better. Until I grew up into a teenager, I still remembered him as someone that I had a crush on before. And every time he popped into my mind and I wondered how he was, I just shrugged it off and thought that he probably already had a girlfriend, or had so many girlfriends and admirers. He was that appealing. He had that quiet charm that makes girls gravitate to him mysteriously.

Flashing forward twelve or thirteen years later, we saw each other for the first time again. And there are only about forty-eight hours left before Christmas Eve, the time when I plan to say yes to him to be his girlfriend. Our fathers also have met eye-to-eye again, talking about their children’s relationship and other matters. The seven-year-old girl in me still finds it hard to believe that the boy that she was only admiring from afar is now asking for her hand. That boy from her seven-year-old romantic fantasies is now carrying her like a princess, showing her around the city with his motorcycle, having a date with her on a night in a park full of Christmas lights, eating with her outside, holding her hands while walking at the baywalk, and showing her off to his big family. We owe everything that happens now to our happy childhood with each other. 2002 to 2004 are the best years ever. It’s also good that we only happened to see each other after twelve years because I have grown prettier, he has grown bigger and handsomer, and we have both matured and left behind some bad and childish habits. The seven-year-old girl in me feels very lucky for what is happening now, and very thankful although her desires were only granted by the universe a decade later. Who would have thought back then that we will still (he said that he was also equally interested in me back then, it’s just that we were too young) be so attracted to each other and get along so well, especially in a romantic way? 


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