Automatic Writing #1

Because may mga taong baboy that we do not give the chance take basket bring oranges ‘cause there are lots of plants that need that kind of special attention and loving care but the sparks from their eyes signify a lot better than who they really are because sometimes things get worse when everything else fails in the world but no one else comes close to you than the spirit of your pig that walks down the road and milks some turkeys and makes them go aah! You know it when you look into the eyes of a liar and bring forth the things that don’t make sense. People think that they have figured everything out but no they don’t and it’s something frustrating for someone with a sensitive soul and chances are things usually get better after some days of no care at all yet something still remains the same we are no longer the babies that used to be cradled at night, since things change and we do not need them anymore. Anyone has something to say about what the world has to offer, but many times we just get something that we don’t want and we end up with regrets. 


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