Sudden Surge of Lust

My eyes are drooping, my body feels heavy, and the full moon set my bloody cycle today. I desire being alone at this time because I feel a surge of carnal lust within my small frame. Tonight I just want someone to hold me naked. I want to know what nirvana really is, since my womb has not yet permitted a foreign object inside ever. I want to feel that kind of intimacy. I want to be held by a man and be entered and be assured that he loves me. I want someone to caress my hair and tickle me gently. I want to be in the dark forever, alone with the man who can make me feel heavenly and not break my heart. I just badly want a piece of flesh on mine, and a set of pretty lips to be wetly kissed. I want my breasts to be licked and my femininity penetrated – until it reaches the seat of my soul and my soul integrates with its masculine counterpart. I want that someone to be head over heels in love, addicted, obsessed, with his saliva drooling like a mad dog. I want to know how it feels like to be penetrated again and again – for eternity, if possible. And I feel like this is the right time for me to spiritually connect with someone, under the blessing of the full moon. 


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