Moon and Stars

In the presence of the moon
Nobody sees the stars.

Experiencing loss,
The loss
Of the most important
And beautiful moon,
Who kept us company
When the sun doesn’t shine,
Makes us appreciate
The abundant
Little stars
Who are always there for us.

Losing the moon
Is not the end of the world.

The moon
May be like your
Precious diamond,
But it undergoes phases
In this cycle called life.

The moon may go
And never come back.
But in your life,
It’s just a new moon.
After some time,
There will be another full moon,
Or another kind of moon
That will share the same journey as yours.

And yet,
Never forget
That somewhere,
Pretty little stars
Are just up there
Waiting for you
To notice them.

-- A. C.

Disclaimer: Inspired by Amit Kalatri's quote, "In the presence of the moon, nobody sees the stars."


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