Mercury Retrograde Effects on Thea

Today, yesterday, and even two weeks before, I have been feeling a little bit dumb, bobo, or like my brain has gone missing. I cannot concentrate on my school works, I get distracted a lot, my emotions rule my entire being, and I really, really, really cannot count on the left hemisphere of my brain. Just now I really wanted to finish the body of my thesis; and even though an average person would see my thesis as very easy, understandable, and can be finished right away, I CANNOT! I JUST CANNOT! For the last few weeks I have been experiencing intense misunderstandings with some people and although my brain would tell me a logical explanation about why I should not react or get triggered or get angry and act out of anger, my emotions just win over my brain. I cannot do anything – I feel like I’m helpless about the fact that my emotions completely take over my being; and my brain, being just a little servant, seems to have died or not exist anymore. I cannot count on it this time. I just can’t. My brain is on vacation at some fairyland in the fourth dimension of the universe. And I feel like I’m not myself anymore. I thought that maybe it could be the effect of the lunar eclipse of the supermoon, but this could probably be the mercury retrograde which started from September 17. Astrology sites say that it would only last up to October 9, which is six days from now, so my brain better be back after that day. Or else I would be a lunatic. Seriously.

Even my eyes are not very receptive or critical of what I am writing right now. I feel like I am out of body while I am still in my body. I am not fully committed on the works that I should be doing, and I am certainly not proud of it. The normal me finds joy in seeking and imparting knowledge, especially if the learning area is very stimulating and energetically high in vibration. The normal me is logical and over-analytical and critical and that makes me go off into a negative spiral. Just hours ago, when I was trying to concentrate on my thesis, my brain was in a “monkey mode”, jumping from one thought to another and not stopping, so I tried doing yoga. Yet I couldn’t even finish one session of yoga. I was annoyingly distracted. Even right now I that I am writing this, my brain is like protesting through making my head hurt and my eyes unfocused. I feel like this is not a time to concentrate on something because it’s not happening. It’s never happening.

And yet, as much as I hate how dysfunctional my brain now is, I am getting excited now that I am aware that this is a time for mercury retrograde and it pretty much explains what I am going through. I am a Virgo rising, which means that Mercury is very important as the ruler of my natal chart – so I am quite influenced by this Mercury retrograde, as you are witnessing now. What I am just worried about is that while this certainly means a universal time to slow things down and use the right brain hemisphere more with our feelings, imagination, and intuition – university deadlines will not change. The exams are set, the paper deadlines are set; and in this harsh and fast-paced environment, nobody will wait for you while you sink in the clouds of your own reveries. At least, that’s how I perceive things right now. I might not know, maybe lots of people, especially those who are more logically inclined, are also “suffering” because of this Mercury retrograde. Because just this week, some people whom I was not normally close to comes up to me out of the blue to have a little chitchat and then later on say their problems. And while I was not opening up to them completely, they have the same problems as mine! This is amazing, because the law of attraction has brought them to me for some healing chatter sessions. Anyway, I think that’s all for today – I gotta take a bath. Namaste ^_^


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