Things To Do When You Are Sick

Being sick sucks. It is so awful to feel so much physical discomfort and get bedridden for days especially when you have lots of things that you “have to do”. Personally, it is when I start envying my dogs for being free to roam and run and roll over the grass under the sunshine. Sometimes when we are sick, we might as well die because of the extreme pain and the white coating in our tongue that makes food bitter or tasteless. Everything just starts to suck that we feel the need to recover quickly.

Being sick also makes us feel bored – if not already preoccupied with the pain that we feel, so here is my list of things to do when you are sick:

1. Sleep.

Just sleep. Your body needs lots of rest because it needs a lot of energy to fight viruses and restore you to perfect health. Sick people often feel sleepy because they need it. So don’t fight it. It’s a perfect way to let the time pass because at least when you are asleep, you cannot feel the physical discomfort that illnesses bring. 

2. Try to get a warm bath.

Water has a frequency that is closest to source energy and that is why it feels good to swim, take a bath, or just be in contact with water. Choose a warm bath to avoid feeling more chilly. You can also add a generous amount of salt to your bathwater to expel the negative energies in your body that may also be responsible for your illness. Plus, hygiene is very important especially if one is sick. 

3. Eat less/light/alkaline food.

We often have less appetite when we are sick and our taste buds are pretty useless. That is because our bodies need us to eat lightly when we are sick. Most of our energy is devoted to getting rid of the sickness, so less energy must go to digestion. If we happen to be hungry, it is best to avoid meat and other acidic or harmful food. It is advisable to eat an alkaline diet when we are sick (if not all the time) and that consists of raw fruits and vegetables. Or we can just eat soup. The classic chicken noodle soup.

4. Sit in the sunshine.

The sun is the giver of life and energy to all living beings. Plants, as we all know, produce their food through sunlight. Animals that are exposed to the outdoors are more active and happy than animals who are caged or kept inside and out of sunlight. Humans are not different. As Mr. Andreas Moritz, the author of The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse, quoted:

The UV light is known to activate an important skin hormone called solitrol. Solitrol influences our immune system and many of our body’s regulatory centers, and, in conjunction with the pineal hormone melatonin, causes changes in mood and daily biological rhythms. The haemoglobin in our red blood cells requires ultraviolet (UV) light to bind to the oxygen needed for all cellular functions. Lack of sunlight can, therefore, be held co-responsible for almost any kind of illnesses, including skin cancer and other forms of cancer. As you are about to find out, it may be highly detrimental to your health to miss out on sunlight. 

5. Read about spiritual stuff on the net.

Yoga, guided meditations, astrology, spiritual people sharing the same symptoms as you, reiki, vegetarianism, Teal Swan, chakra balancing, extraterrestrial beings, grounding or the earth’s healing powers, you name it. I personally go watch or read spiritual stuff to study, be informed, but mostly to comfort myself when times get tough. And of course, I'm talking about New Age stuff -- you can go about it in whatever way you like, as "spirituality" is different for everybody. I think it's better to preoccupy yourself with spiritual stuff especially when you're sick than with gossip or negative stuff.

6. Watch a movie.

Being sick is the best time for being lazy (because you have no choice lol) and watching movies while eating your soup. But if possible, watch something that’s funny or something that has a positive message, something that will lift your spirits up, because you’re fucking sick. Sick people don’t need more negative energies to worsen their situation. You will be surprised how laughter and smiles can make you regain your health faster. 

7. Let someone take care of you.

Sometimes, illnesses remind us that we do not have to pretend that we are strong and self-sufficient all the time. Sometimes we have to acknowledge the fact that it is good to seek for others’ help once in a while, and open up your vulnerable side to them. Because when we are sick, we barely have the energy to even walk or get food for ourselves. Let the people who love us show their love for us. That is one beauty of being sick. 

8. Play with your pets.

Animals are more often in the state of alignment that humans are, that’s why it is so nice to be with them. They look at us with utter acceptance, and play with us as if we haven’t done anything wrong in our lives. They accept us more than we accept ourselves. Whatever we feel insecure about – our pets don’t care, they just love us. They show us what unconditional love is. 

9. Go to nature.

If nature is within your reach – like your backyard or your garden, go there to at least relieve your stress from your sickness. If you are really weak, you can just spend a few minutes there and that is enough. Things in nature, especially the trees, are very receptive and allowing that they vibrate in a very high frequency. Spending time with them can make you feel refreshed and better too. Going back to Mother Nature can sometimes feel like being a child again. 

10. Write.

When you’re sick and you want something to do, you can write about your feelings or about how terrible your sickness is. Let writing be your outlet. Or you can let your imagination run wild – write stories, poems, anything goes. I write about any subject, but mostly about things that I’m passionate about. My feelings also run deep so I just write about my anger, bliss, and sadness. I also try to analyze nonsense sometimes. I just write whatever, not caring whether who reads or not, because writing is my kind of therapy and I love it. 

11. Read.

You can pick one from your pile of books and read it than spend your time in front of your computer and get exposed to radiation. I’m not preventing you from doing it, though. Reading entertains us, stimulates us mentally, and even makes us fall asleep which is better. From my personal experience, I get to rest a lot more when I’m reading a book.

12. Drink lots of water.

When we are sick...maybe we just need to hydrate the fuck out of our bodies! Hahaha. Water helps our body get rid of toxins so this step is incredibly helpful if you want to get well soon. Like sunshine, water is readily available but always taken for granted – yet very essential to our health. Even if water would taste bitter because of our coated tongues when we are sick, still drink

13. Drink herbal teas.

You can have a green tea especially when spending afternoons alone while you are sick. The warmth of the tea can calm your insides. The bitterness of it won’t matter too because your tongue cannot taste things well anyway. The soothing effect of it is perfect for a sick person – you wouldn’t want anything stimulating because that would be too harsh. Your body is still weak. 

14. Talk to someone.

It’s nice to have someone to talk to when you are sick. Well, most of the time we probably want to be alone because the physical discomfort makes us not in the mood to socialize with anybody. However, having someone (it doesn’t have to be many) to talk to, probably through calls or texts, can help us in our recovery as the other person expresses his/her sympathy and affects us with their positivity. 


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