Misunderstood Soul (A Psychic Reading)

In the mediumystics.com forum, there are threads of individuals that request for a picture reading. As I am always intrigued by these stuff, I gave it a shot. I posted a recent picture of myself and Blue Tiger immediately replied and read my picture. I am so thankful for his insights. This is what he wrote:

Hi Anthea! Thank you for the opportunity to read for you. As with any reading, please accept whatever part of this resonates with you and ignore the rest.

In your picture I see a sweet and shy soul. You seem a bit insecure, and wish others were more accepting of you. They are not mean; they simply don’t understand how you think sometimes.

You are a genuinely caring soul, and you think nothing of dropping what you’re doing to help someone else. Even when it is an inconvenience or annoyance, you smile and go to their aid. Admittedly sometimes you dash off to help others out of a sense of duty or obedience.

I’m seeing you standing on a balcony now. The roof overhead seems to be made of wood, and the railings are wood as well. From this balcony I can see the sandy beach and gentle waves. The beach is curved and quite beautiful. An ocean breeze delights your senses. This is not a fancy building at all; instead it is rather simple and earthy. And now a gentle rain is starting to fall.

I feel yearning when I see this balcony scene. From this sense of yearning I get the feeling that this place is a memory of somewhere you have been, a place you love, home. If not, it may be where you wish to find yourself at some future place. 

A cat has just leapt onto the railing of the balcony. This cat is light colored, and is walking along the railing headed straight to you. It seems to recognize you. I can hear it purring as it gets closer, as if you are a long-lost friend.

There is a serene zen-like energy about you. Though your life has many facets, many obligations, you yearn most for quiet “alone time.” You need your quiet time in order to relax, recharge, and reflect. 

You are a dreamer, but you wrestle with how to make your dreams reality. The path going forward is not yet defined in your mind; you find obstacles, both financial and personal, and shift your line of thinking easily. The opinions of others, which are often very vocally expressed, confound and confuse you sometimes, making it hard to latch firmly onto a plan, a goal, and setting out to actually achieve it.

You do not seem to have many really close relationships with family or friends. There is most often a half-step of separation between you and them. Although you sincerely care for and about them, they have very different ways of seeing things.

Bless you ((((( Anthea ))))) I hope some portion of this makes sense for you

It was already past 2am when I read his reply, and I felt a mixture of fear and sadness. Most of what he said really resonated with me. I am really shy and insecure since the moment my mother brought me into this world. And I am a very lonely girl because I almost have no one to share myself with. And I always feel misunderstood so I find myself having enemies or haters. Eventually I isolate myself to have peace of mind because too many people and contact with people for too long kills me. Right now, I am experiencing a very confusing period in my life because my future is not yet carved. I still don’t know what to make of it. And the “cat” part is very intriguing to me. All my life I have been afraid of cats. I also don’t remember a long-lost friend that may resemble a light-colored cat. Maybe I just forgot. But the wooden balcony part is really really accurate though. And I feel like nobody understands me but me. My own family has a very different way of thinking so I have always felt alone in my path. 


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