Horribly Sick (Energy Shift Symptoms?)

I’ve been confused as to why I kept experiencing these flu-like symptoms since last week. I’ve been living healthily as long as I can remember (actually I was just in a vegetable state), but I suddenly caught flu one day. And it kept coming back despite all the pills that I had been swallowing. It was very horrible because my whole body (muscles and joints) was aching and my temperature was so high and I kept feeling chilly. However, I didn’t have any cold or cough so it was really strange. I don’t know what kind of virus entered my body that it reacted that way. Also, one thing that surprised me is that while I was sick, I was overly sensitive to food: I could not eat most of my favourite foods anymore (like crabs, pork, beef, etc.). Just the smell of them made me nauseous. Meat was really a no-no for me, for my body reacted like it was threatened, especially if the meat is fried. I smell a dead dog when I eat fried meat. My senses were just heightened to the point that it was already probably annoying to my family because my sickness caused me certain food aversions that I had no choice but to eat raw fruits and vegetables.  I was also experiencing diarrhea. But I wasn't drinking much water despite the dehydration. Last week was a really awful one for me.

After a week of being horribly sick, I tried going out to the movies with my boyfriend, thinking that I already regained my energy and health – but in the middle of our date I started experiencing a terrible migraine. We already bought movie tickets so we decided to finish the damn movie. Yet my migraine was so intense that I was also feeling nauseous in front of the screen and seeing blurry visions. I felt like my head was splitting into two. When the movie ended, my boyfriend and I went out right away and he sent me home. My temperature was so high then. And I vomited after I changed my clothes. The migraine continued for one more day, which was yesterday. Yesterday, I was asleep for almost the whole day because I was avoiding my headache. When the night came, I was really desperate about my migraine so I decided to google the possible causes of the symptoms that I have experienced. Medical websites annoyed me so I googled the spiritual reasons. Suddenly, the universe shed light on me! I found out that I was only experiencing energy shift symptoms. Of course I might just have caught a virus on a physical level, but I really believe that I am experiencing a physical reaction to energy shifts (weird because the galactic alignment started on 2012), and I have probably raised my vibratory rate seeing how I am not already a match to certain kinds of food.

I desperately tried “reiki” on my head (although I wasn't familiar with it at all) and the pain subsided a little. Then I remembered that I have a rose quartz bracelet in my room. I put the cold crystal on the aching parts of my head while showing the act to my mother. She thought I was crazy and just laughed it off. But just minutes later, my migraine was gone. It responded to my own energy healing and not to the painkillers I have taken. Partly I am thankful to Teal Swan for showing what crystals are and how pure the vibrations they hold are. My migraine just couldn’t coexist with my crystal’s frequency. And hopefully, that was the end of my suffering. But basically, being sick like this led me to a vegetarian diet (not yet a strict one, but I'm getting there :D). I’ve been wanting to try that for a long time since plant-based eaters have a higher vibration that meat-based eaters, but apparently my body has become more sensitive and intolerant of junk. I’ve learned that the physical pain we experience are energy blocks that are flushed by our opening chakras (though that’s not always the case). Toxins and negative energies are flushed through our blood, thus making us experience flu-like symptoms. And I’ve learned that the migraine that I experienced could be either an energy block from my third eye chakra or crown chakra or both. So the fact that my migraine is already gone could mean that my crown and third eye chakras are already healthy. I couldn't wait to be a damn spiritual person! 


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