Where is the Real Beauty? (A Psychic Reading)

From Marie:

Good afternoon,

You are requesting this reading as you know you are sexually attractive on the outside but you question it on the inside. You feel the need to ‘change’ something and it has crossed your mind to change your personality.

I do not see that you need to change your personality or how you are towards others, but improve your weaknesses and turn it into your greatest strengths.

Generally, you have great intentions and you are good hearted. You are an extremely knowledgeable person, very smart, leader at heart, analytical, skeptical and over analyze things. Those traits are both your strengths and weaknesses. You are the type to be described by other people ‘mind over’ matter, in the past people have labelled you almost ‘geeky’ behind your back. You are the “believe nothing, question everything’.

However, it appeared that your sexual attractiveness is being blocked by your almost aggressive and know it all personality. The people who have been there for you has described you once or twice, you could be dominating as well. You need to let other people ‘lead you’ and trust you.  Some associates/acquaintances have distanced themselves from you because they have said ‘you know too much about everything’ in life, love life and etc. To your defence, you DO as you believe your opinions are valid. As much as you say that other people’s opinion do not matter to you as they do not know the real you, in your ‘quiet time’ you think of what people’s opinions are about you. You may not know what some people really say but you feel it.

You strive to attract beautiful people in your life. There are people you have observed that you would like to be a part of their group of as well as individuals you would like to see eye to eye with and build relationships with. You have tried before and you feel like ‘they do not get you’.

You would increase your sexual attractiveness more not by looking outwards but on the inside. You are sexually attractive, and you will be more than just that when you take your time and get to know people slowly.  You feel like you need to improve inwards and you are right. Listen more to people and speak less. Many people would come to you and tell you their problems, issues, happenings in their life; however many times too that you have always assumed they come to seek your advice. Let other people take the lead without a pre-conceived opinion of what will happen. Enjoy the little mysteries of life more!

Thank you for contacting me. In exchange for the reading and insights, I only ask for your confirmation and feedbacks. Should a reading come to pass or the situation that was described is accurate, I would be extremely grateful if you let me know. Once feedbacks are given, please do not hesitate to contact me for further readings.

Thanks again,


I guess I'm naturally born with Hermione-like tendencies! :))


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